Volume 9, Issue 2 - March/April/May 2007

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NWRA to Sponsor Windshield Repair Olympics 
The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) announced its sponsorship and support of the 2007 Walt Gorman Memorial Windshield Repair Olympics–the international competition for the repair industry. 

The inaugural Windshield Repair Olympics was held last November at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev. It is scheduled to return to Las Vegas this fall, November 2-3, for the second annual event to continue the educational experience for those in and related to the repair industry. 

“We view this as a perfect opportunity to meld the association’s goals of educating our members and potential members of the benefits repair offers to our customers,” says Paul Syfko, president of NWRA. “The first year went very well and we certainly want those technicians to know how much we support their efforts and encourage an opportunity like this to arise for those in our industry.” 

The Windshield Repair Olympics is also sponsored by AGRR magazine. 


SuperGlass Opens South Korea Franchise
SuperGlass Windshield Repair, the repair-only franchise company headquartered in Orlando, Fla., has added its first Asian franchise company with the signing a franchisee in South Korea, SuperGlass Windshield Repair # 246, headed by Sunam Yu. 

The company has established more than two hundred franchises since incorporating in 1992 and is currently number 299 in the annual Entrepreneur Franchise 500. 

The newest addition to the SuperGlass family joins other international locations in France and Germany.

C.R. Laurence, Viper Products Pick Up Super Cinch
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. and Viper Products have both become official distributors of the Super Cinch product developed by Glass Pro Systems. 

Glass Pro Systems also sells directly through its website. 

The company has added new pumps for its Super Cinch repair tool. Designed for high vacuum, the pump is mounted with the unit instead of being attached to a hose. The new pumps generate vacuum levels over 27 inches of vacuum at sea level, according Michael Curl, president. The unit allows resin to be suspended from the damage while moisture and air are evacuated. Without breaking the vacuum, the injector is lowered and resin is injected into the vacuum pocket. The unit then has a secondary hydraulic vacuum effectively degassing the resin further making for high quality repairs in a short time. Average bulls-eyes and starbreaks are ready to cure within a minute or two, according to Curl. The unit works at any angle and requires little cleaning, he adds.

GlasWeld Celebrates Silver Anniversary
GlasWeld, an Oregon-based manufacturer and international supplier of glass repair equipment, is celebrating its silver anniversary this year. The company was founded in 1982 by Hap Alexander.

“This year not only marks a major chronological milestone for GlasWeld, but it also launches our new campaign for environmental awareness,” said Mike Boyle, president. “For GlasWeld, the leap from saving glass to saving the environment isn’t a broad one. In fact, saving existing glass keeps it out of landfills, since architectural glass and windshields are generally not recyclable. It also eliminates the high amount of energy used to produce a single piece of new glass.”

Over the next year, GlasWeld will be actively working to create awareness about affecting global change and launching tangible initiatives that will truly make a difference. Throughout 2007 the company will be releasing information about how businesses can lessen their impact on the planet and create change. 

The company also has launched a new online discussion forum www.glasweldplace.com

Delta Provides Repair Brochure
Delta Kits developed a brochure that provides information on the company’s equipment, tools and supplies for windshield repair. In addition to technical data on the product line, the publication also discusses training and certification. There is also a short question-and-answer section. www.deltakits.com 


NWRA Unveils New Technical Service
The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) debuted a new service for its members. They can now get free real-time technical help with repairs from Gayle Goode, the association’s technical director.

NWRA tech services are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Members with difficult or problem repairs may call the NWRA and be connected with Goode who will provide advice and suggestions on solving the problem.

“Our members place the utmost importance on providing safe repairs,” says NWRA president Paul Syfko. “When they encounter a condition for the first time or have a question about something unusual in the field, the NWRA tech services staff will help with relevant information.” 

Syfko said the association will develop and maintain a database about quality repairs, problems and fixes, which will also be available to members free of charge. 

“We’ve got a huge knowledge base and want to share it with our members,” he added. 

Information regarding the NWRA is available online at www.nwrassn.org or at 540/720-7484.

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