Volume 9, Issue 6 - November/December 2007

life beyond the auto glass business

Cassata Goes to Bat

Name: Chris Cassata 
Day Job: Sales Manager, Glass Doctor, Daytona, Fla.
Alter Ego: Batboy for the Daytona Cubs, a minor-league baseball team.

How did you get involved with the Daytona Cubs?
One of the guys on my high school baseball team was hired by the Daytona Cubs, but I didnít realize it until I was there one day working on our advertising with them and noticed he was there. He told me he was working there and he wanted to know if I wanted to help out around there. There was an opening there as batboy.

And how long have you been with Glass Doctor?
Iíve been with Glass Doctor steady for three years, but before that I helped out on and off for approximately two years. 

How long have you played baseball?
Pretty much since age 6. I still play now. Itís been about 22 years now. Itís been a long time.Where do you play now?I play on a Menís Adult Baseball League (MABL). The team is the Crows. Iíve been playing with them since I got out of high school, nine years ago. Itís a wood adult baseball league.

How is that different from other leagues?
We use wood bats, just like the Major League guys. You usually see the guys in high school and college using the metal bats, and wood makes it a lot more challenging.

What position do you play?
Outfield, left field and right field, Those are my main two positions, but this past year I also played first base, second base and caught a game.

How do you find time to work for the Daytona Cubs as a batboy, keep up your day job and play in another league?
I come in [to Glass Doctor] at 8:30 in the morning and I work until 5:30 at night. When itís the Cubs season, I leave here at 5:30 and have to be there at 6. And, I play in the MABL on Thursday nights and Sunday during the day. Some days I play my game, and then go over to work with the Cubs.

What does your work as batboy entail?
If I get there early, I set up the dugout. I take out the teamís Cub stuff, their helmets, their water coolers and the trainer stuff and get the stuff set up for batting practice. During the game, I sit on the Cubs side, and Iím in charge of taking care of the umpiresókeeping up with foul balls and such. When the umpires are at away games, they say itís a little challenging because others donít pay as much attention as I do. Also, Iím in charge on, on the Cubs side, after the batter gets done hitting, Iíll go out and get their bat and put it on their spot in the rack.

Are there any other duties?
Thereís a net behind the home plate, and we try to catch foul balls off the net. When we catch them, the crowd applauds, and when we donít catch them theyíre not as nice.

Whatís the best part about being a batboy?
Youíve got the best seat in the house. Youíre right outside the dugout. Iím not fenced in. I get the best seat and I get to see everything up close. Itís nice getting to know the players, too. 

Can you name some of the players you have met?
Matt Murton of the Chicago Cubs, Scott Moore of the Baltimore Orioles and Sam Fuld, who as just promoted to the Chicago Cubs. Itís nice to see. 

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