Volume 9, Issue 6 - November/December 2007

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A World of Thanks
by Carl Tompkins

The concept of “mindset” has proven to be a key toward every person’s ability to succeed. What lies at the very core of all people is our spirit that shapes our attitudes and beliefs that then results in our behavior and actions. It is because of this sequence that motivational speakers spend so much time attempting to shape our attitudes and beliefs because if our mind is not right, the following actions to create success will not occur. 

Actor and comedian Jerry Lewis has said that laughter provides a healing agent to the body. The willingness to find humor must be present first before laughter can occur and the results are super. Recent reports provided during a recent television advertisement indicated that laughter can add 12 years to the normal life span. I guess that Jerry is right! So a safe summary is that a great attitude and set of beliefs, which I refer to as “mindset,” is a must for everyone. My desire within the remainder of this article is to provide you enough reason to end the year with a positive and healthful mindset.

Take Time to be Thankful
I caught a sermon by Joel Osteen on television awhile back where he spoke to his audience about the number of people who had taken the time to complain about how bad their jobs were. Their bosses were terrible, their work schedules were daunting and they were not making enough money. Joel suggested that they leave those terrible jobs for anywhere from three to six months and then reconsider how they felt about their previous employment. The message was that we seldom take the time to be thankful for what we have because we’re too caught up in concern of what we don’t have. I would encourage people of our industry to take heed. 

I, being no different than you, realize that our industry has suffered through many problems and that more problems are bound to come. Many people and companies have been hurt over unfortunate and, sometimes unfair, conditions that exist. We, however, would be unfair to ourselves to stop here in forming our final judgments. If it were not for the AGRR industry, I would have never had the privilege to meet the people who I’ve come to trust and consider my friends, which are many. I would have never been able to gain the knowledge and experience that I’ve attained over the past 31 years that came from people within our industry who knew much more than I. Our industry provided me the means to provide for my most prized possession, my family, and raise two wonderful daughters. I would not have the means to meet and work with people across the nation if it wasn’t for the AGRR industry. If it wasn’t for the AGRR industry I wouldn’t have felt the opportunity to serve consumers across the country on something as important as their safety when behind the wheel. 

Gift Exchange
A great event that takes place this time of year is the exchange of gifts. The result of “giving” is the creation of a holiday spirit, which proves that proper action can be a great reinforcement to a positive and healthful mindset. So, I would challenge you to create more opportunities to give of your self rather than sit back and wait upon others to give to you. An interesting example of this took place in Pennsylvania when a CSR at a local glass shop was visited by an elderly woman who carried a look of worry and concern as she approached the counter. Her inquiry of the CSR was the mere request for directions to a particular business in town that she could not find, being an out-of-state visitor. Since it was near the noon hour, and the CSR was about to leave for lunch, she extended herself by having the woman follow in her car while she drove her own vehicle to the address. The elderly woman was overwhelmed with gratitude from the kind and most helpful service provided by the young CSR. The place of business was a very large automobile dealership. The CSR bid farewell to the woman, gave her a business card in order that she could call if there was need for further assistance and then went on to lunch feeling good inside about what had just been accomplished, the gift of giving. 

Don’t miss any chances to give of yourself to those that surround you. Remember that money or physical gifts provide the least value; it’s time, interest, an ear, a helping hand and words of encouragement that create the greatest impact. I guarantee that it is these things that your employees need the most. And the little things are always much more important than the big things. 

As a footnote to the simple and kind gesture provided by the CSR, I would be remiss by not sharing the final chapter of this example of giving. A few days later, a well-dressed man carrying the CSR’s business card showed up at the same counter of the CSR and introduced himself. He was owner of the dealership and son of the woman who so desperately required directions. His primary remark was that he wanted to be sure to associate with businesses in his community that demonstrated having a heart for doing good. I believe the reason for earning back such a great gift of business and compliment was because the gift of directions was freely given and without condition.

A New Concentration
It is my contention that many good and powerful things could quickly occur for our industry if its member businesses concentrated on giving. Consider extending a helping hand to help other businesses within your area to become better businesses. Getting all companies involved with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) Council, increasing association memberships and participation, providing training and being involved with the community are examples of a helping hand. As stated by one glass shop owner, “We will always be surrounded by competition. It should be our responsibility to determine if it’s good or bad competition!” If everyone participates, this is a great form of giving and everyone involved can feel good about the effort extended. This is demonstrating the heart of doing good!

May you, your family and friends be blessed with a peaceful and rewarding holiday season! 

Carl Tompkins is the Western states area manager for Sika Corp. in Madison Heights, Mich. He is based in Spokane, Wash. Mr. Tompkins’ opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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