Volume 9, Issue 6 - November/December 2007

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Guardian Automotive Launches Sliding Rear Window
Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Guardian Automotive has launched a flush-fit, rear-sliding window to be used as a replacement part for pickup trucks. 

The window, called the High-Performance Slider (HPS) 1.0, is manufactured from a single piece of glass with a hole cut in the center, rather than multiple pieces of glass that come together to close in the center. The sliding window sits flush to the opening in the glass and has an exposed edge, which eliminates the need for mouldings. Guardian says the slider performs better than the standard slider because a leak-resistant seal has been developed to prevent water from seeping into the vehicle.

“The sleek flush-mount design of the HPS represents a major functional and styling advancement over other sliding truck windows,” says Phil Taylor, Guardian’s product manager for the HPS. “Other designs use metal rails which cause an overlap when the window is closed. We use a specialized product that allows our window to be flush, or seamless, when closed.”

The PrivaGuard tinted glass used in the slider is produced at Guardian’s Floreffe, Pa., float glass plant and then is shipped to the glass fabrication plant in Tillsonburg, Ontario, where it is cut and ground. The rails allowing the center window to slide from side to side are injection molded at Guardian’s trim plant in Warren, Mich. In the final step, the glass is bent to shape and completely assembled at the company’s automotive glass plant in Auburn, Ind.

The HPS can replace a fixed glass backlite or an OEM sliding window system for the GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram pickup trucks. www.guardian.com

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