Volume 9, Issue 5 - October 2007


Thanks, Mr. Insurance Exec!
Dear AGRR,
What prompted me to write this was a faxed order with mandated discounts that didnít even cover the cost of glass. I thought about it for a minute and decided that since I was in business to make money, it would be foolish for me to accept this job at the mandated rates. So, I called the network back and explained that we canít afford to do this job. The happy-go-lucky network employee just smiled and advised me that they donít negotiate rates and the next guy will do it. She answered this industryís problem by saying, ďThe next guy will do it, and if not him, someone will, regardless of the level of service, regardless of the brand of glass, regardless of the level of experience, the chipped fenders or the rust that may start in the next 30 days.Ē

You see, weíre our own worst enemy in this business. From what I see, the ones that really care are outnumbered by those who donít or donít know how to fix the problem. 

I guess it all is changing. 

We canít even keep the production of glass in this country. I for one have felt a sense of pride installing American-made glass, but apparently that doesnít matter either. You see, it all comes down to the mighty dollar. 

Mr. Insurance Executive, thanks for lowering my pay. Between you eight-balling me and my auto glass supplier shifting productions overseas and still increasing my costs, I donít know who to thank first! 

Enough said! I guess Iíll just sit back, try to stretch my mighty dollar as far as I can and hope for the best. 

Eric McCoy
McCoyís Family Auto Glass
Culpeper, Va. 

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