Volume 10, Issue 1 - January/February 2008

life beyond the auto glass business

On the Slopes with Chris Boyle

When Chris Boyle, training manager for Bend, Ore.-based GlasWeld Systems, isnít at work, thereís one place youíre likely to find himóon the ski slopes. Boyle has been skiing for about 20 years since he was a child. 

How often do you ski?
I ski everyday Iím not at work. Weíre about 15 to 20 minutes from the mountains.

Is there any specific type of snow-skiing that you prefer? 
Just downhill alpine. Thereís not a whole lot of variation.

Whatís your favorite ski spot?
Mount Bachelor in Bend, Ore. 

What sets it apart from the others?
Convenience and familiarity, and it has a local feel.

Where in the United States do you prefer to ski?
Probably the Utah and Colorado areas are preferable, but I enjoy being here in central Oregon more than anywhere Iíve ever been.

Do you have a favorite international spot?
I have never skied overseas or internationally, but this winter, my friend and I are traveling to Switzerland for a ski trip.

How did you choose Switzerland?
A good friend of mine is touring through Europe right now, and heís moving to South Africa for about a year and a half at the end of this month, so we planned this trip. A couple friends and I got some tickets, so weíre headed over there. Itís the last time weíll be able to see him for a while.

Besides Switzerland, are there any ski spots you havenít yet made it to, but hope to?
Everyone I havenít been to. I hope to get out to the East Coast later this winter, just for the experience. Ultimately, anyone in my position would want to make it to Alaska. Thatís the pinnacle of it, I guess.

Have you ever skied competitively?
Yeah, here and there. For about four years I raced alpine and now I compete. I think at this point Iím looking at five races this year that Iím trying to get to for sure.

How long does the skiing season last in Oregon?
Our season starts in the middle of November and can extend all the way into June, depending on who you talk to. The mountain itself closes in May, but thereís plenty of hiking and backcountry access well into June and in July. Most years I get to ski seven or eight months out of the year.

How do you choose what races youíll compete in?
Usually they have to be local, where I can head out on a Friday evening and drive to it and then make it back before Monday. Iím kind of a weekend warrior, I guess.

Do you have any favorite skiing memories youíd like to share?
Every day is a good day on the mountain.

Do you do any other types of skiingóbesides snow?
Yeah, in the summer Iím a pretty avid water skier, but I just happened to be lucky enough to know people who go out [on the water] a lot. I donít do one [type of skiing] because I do the other, but itís enjoyable. But, ultimately snow-skiing takes precedence over everything else. 

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