Volume 10, Issue 2 - March/April 2008

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GlassMate Software Provides Speed
Mitchell International’s GlassMate software provides quick look-ups, quote functions, work orders, invoicing capabilities, parts information and VIN decoding—all with access to the complete National Auto Glass Specifications International (NAGS) listings. GlassMate’s out-of-the-box electronic data interchange (EDI) provides functionality support for LYNX Services, Safelite, Harmon Solutions Group and Teleglass also reduces billing costs. 

In addition, GlassMate includes optional add-ons, such as QuickBooks® export functionality as well as GLAXIS integration capability for day-to-day business operations. A free 30-day trial of GlassMate may be requested by visiting http://glass.Mitchell.com

Glassmate requires a processor of Pentium quality or higher, 90 MHz with Windows XP, 2000 or 2003, 400 MB disk space, a CD read-only memory drive and a modem or broadband Internet connection for EDI. An annual license for a single user includes all NAGS data updates, toll-free service and support, free training and software enhancements during the license period. The license is $695 per year for a single user. http://glass.mitchell.com

eDirectGlass Provides Office on the Go
eDirectGlass software products are Internet-based, making it possible for retailers to work from anywhere at any time. eDirectGlass is available in three configurations: eDirectGlass TSM Enterprise edition for AGR shops with multiple geographic locations; eDirectGlass TSM Gold edition with complete management and point-of-sale, including limited accounting; and eDirectGlass TSM Lite edition with complete management and point-of-sale for repair-only companies. All editions include free EDI. Customers also can add the eDirectGlass Mobile Merchant add-on to any account and accept credit cards and checks in the field.

eDirectGlass doesn’t require a software installation since it is Internet- based. Online technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and telephone and LiveHelp support is available 12 hours a day, five days a week.  www.edirectglass.com

PipeKnife Offers Range of Lengths in Latest Knives
The PipeKnife® Co. in Lakewood, Colo., is introducing a new line of sealant cutout knives manufactured from long-lasting steel. The 9-, 14-, 18- and 24-inch flat long knives provide the technician with a product to meet every need when cutting urethane. Manufactured from high-strength cold-rolled steel and engineered with a special weight-saving design, the new knives also have a specially designed “pillow cushion” handle to provide the comfort for the technician. www.pipeknife.com

PRISM is Now Patented
Durango, Colo.-based Glass Technology has announced that its “PRISM” Dry Vacuum Injector has received patent status. The “PRISM” dry-vacuum injector, which has been available for more than three years, utilizes a process that extracts the air from the break prior to injecting resin adhesives into the windshield damage. 

This vacuum step is labeled a “Dry Vacuum” because the air is removed before the resin contacts the glass, resulting in a more effective and complete air extraction, according to information provided by the company. Once the air is extracted, the resin is injected into the repair with very little pressure, thus allowing the resin to fill the repair entirely to create strong adhesion. www.gtglass.com

Extra, Extra (Angles)
Glass Pro Systems says its Super Cinch windshield repair tool provides high-quality repairs at any angle. The tool is designed to remove the air and moisture before a resin pool is placed onto the glass, decreasing the time it takes to repair stars and combination breaks. Average repair time is five minutes, including curing, according to the company .yyä www.supercinch.com

Find Your Origin™ at SRP®
Shat R Proof Corp. in Savage, Minn., has a new adhesive, Origin, which it says has a safe drive-away time of four hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit on a vehicle with dual airbags.

SRP says Origin is affordable, but still offers high decking and viscosity properties. “The SRP Origin is a product we are all very excited about,” says Glenn Jarrard, Southeastern U.S. sales for SRP. “It allows us to participate in certain segments of the auto glass market that we haven’t been able to in the past, especially with a high-quality product.” www.shatrproof.com

BTB Introduces New Anti-Scratch Pinchweld 
Blades BTB Tools North America’s newest pinchweld scraper blades are designed specifically to protect the pinchweld from accidental scrapes and scratches. The WK6 “Winged” pinchweld scraper blades are available from Shat R Proof Corp. in Savage, Minn.

The new pinchweld scrapers are an update of the popular WK6 pinchweld blades. The unique design of these blades with the specially sharpened “wing” on each end of the cutting face will ensure the blade will not slip to one side or cut through the urethane bead. This will prevent damage to the base coat, e-coat and the vertical pinchweld wall to ensure a safe removal of the excess adhesive bead from pinchweld. 

The new WK6 comes in three sizes to match any sized urethane bead and can be used with or without the WK10HD windshield removal power tool. www.shatrproof.com or www.btbtools.com

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