Volume 10, Issue 6 - November/December 2008

Viva Las Vegas!
Auto Glass Expo at NACE
Offers Latest in New Products

In just three short years, Auto Glass Week in Las Vegas has become a premier event for the industry. Held November 5-8 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, the event not only offers three separate conferences, the International Auto Glass Safety (AGRSS) Conference, the National Windshield Repair Association’s annual conference, and the Independent Glass Association’s fall marketing conference, but also the Auto Glass Expo at NACE. In addition, the Auto Glass Technician Olympics and Windshield Repair Olympics also are held on the show floor.

Many companies take this opportunity to launch a brand-new product and to give you a chance to see their offerings up-close. Read on for a sampling of these.

Creative Extruded Goes Green with Environmentally Friendly Universal Moulding Creative Extruded Products Inc. has a new environmentally friendly universal moulding available, the Eco-Trim. Eco-Trim is made from a rubberlike material with rubber performance but with less impact on the environment, the company says. “Eco-Trim feels and looks like rubber moulding and has the same cold weather flexibility,” reads information from the company. “But, Eco-Trim doesn’t bloom or chalk like rubber.” Eco-Trim’s material is 100 percent recyclable, according to Creative Extruded, and contains neither lead nor chlorine. In addition, company officials say it is lighter than rubber, which reduces the load on the technician and also can reduce fuel consumption. ❙❙➤ www.creativeextruded.com

It’s Universal: The UniFit™
REHAU officials say the company’s new UniFit Pinch-N-Go™ universal moulding is manufactured with an elastomeric polymer for cold flexibility and proven squeak resistance. The moulding is available in five sizes and its “clothespin” hinge makes installation easy, while grip ridges minimize primer runs, according to the company. Additional features include barbs for retention on glass, two nylon cords to minimize stretch and snapback during installation, and a lip position designed to accommodate body and glass deck variations. ❙❙➤ http://na.rehau.com/automotive

GGG Offers “Smart Alternative” for Gel-Filled Sensors Gold Glass Group (GGG) says its new SensorTack GGS 901 Gel is the smart alternative for gel-filled sensors. According to the Bohemia, N.Y.- based company, the gel makes it possible to re-use the round rain/light optical sensors that are filled with a gel.The SensorTack repair set is designed to reattach these sensors to the windshield. Gold representatives say the sensors are applied easily and quickly using a special mixing syringe, allowing the old sensor to be re-attached in just a few minutes.

“We have a system that is inexpensive and easy to use,” says Gold Glass Group’s Mark Daniels. “GGG’s Sensor- Tack refill gel has a short curing time so it can be used in shop or on mobile applications.”

In addition, company representatives say a heating box is available to reduce curing times in colder temperatures, and the heating box also has a built-in level indicator and fully adjustable feet. ❙❙➤ www.gggcorp.com/sensortack.htm

AEGIS®Tools International Inc. now offers what it calls the next generation of one-tech windshield-setting tools: the SOLO II. The new SOLO features a reversible arm to allow technicians to work from either the passenger or driver side of the vehicle. The arm alsoextends to accommodate extreme windshield rake angles, wing windows, heavy-duty and loop arm mirrors and larger truck windshields.

In addition, new pivoting cup brackets allow work on virtually any curvature, according to the company. The SOLO II also is lighter in weight than its predecessor, the original SOLO.

In addition, AEGIS now includes a heavy-duty carrying bag that holds the SOLO II or original SOLO, and a glass handler kit. The Madison, Wis.-based company also offers an upgrade kit for owners of the original SOLO so that they can have the features of the SOLO II without purchasing a second tool. ❙❙➤ www.aegistoolscom

GlasWeld Advances Repair System The latest auto glass repair system available from GlasWeld, the G3fusion system, is designed to create strong, fast repairs. The system includes the G3 ProVac injector with resin encapsulation, which company officials say provides high-quality air and moiscontinued ture removal, along with the integrated ProCur 360-degree curing lamp and the company’s proprietary resins. ❙❙➤ www.glasweld.com

A.N. Offers Array of Blades and Knives A.N. Designs Inc. will display its full product line of UltraWiz® windshield removal hand tools. The latest additions to the line include the company’s UltraThin paint protection blades, which are designed to reduce paint damage on vehicles with exposed pinchwelds. Company representatives say these are especially handy when cutting out windshields and backlites.

In addition, A.N. will show its UltraThin interior cut-out blades, which are designed to make it easy to remove the Ram and Dakota rear windows by getting around the encapsulation.

Finally, the company also will be promoting its Lever Knife, which is available with both a large- and smallsized handle. ❙❙➤ www.ultrawiztools.com

Meet the Glass Bot™ In-Person Nelson Marketing will be displaying its Glass Bot, a fully automated auto glass removal tool designed to provide fast, safe and damage- free removal of auto glass.

“The Glass Bot is the first power tool for auto glass removal specifically designed for the cutting of the urethane to be accomplished by cutting away from the body of the vehicle,” says Rick Nelson, product manager for Nelson Marketing. “This method eliminates damage to the vehicle paint system, mouldings and glass. The Glass Bot produces a single cut through the urethane using our high-tensilestrength (HTS) wire.”

The Glass Bot is equipped with a 12-volt DC motor, which provides high torque at slow speeds to pull the HTS wire at a controlled speed of 1 inch per second through the adhesive, according to the company. It is universally powered by connecting to any vehicle’s battery.

The Glass Bot attaches to the interior of the glass part with a 7-inch vacuum pad and is operated via a remote control on a 7-foot cord. The user is able to monitor the cutting of the urethane and control the process from the interior or exterior of the vehicle. ❙❙➤ www.glassbot.net

Extractor EXT-PROV18 is New and Improved
The Extractor’s EXT-PROV18 is the new and improved version of the company’s NiCad battery-powered EXTPROCM2. The tool utilizes an 18-volt lithium ion battery, which the company says provides long-running power and will remain at full strength until the charge expires. In addition, the EXT-PROV18 is designed to be nearly indestructible, and to run at 2,800 strokes per minute with a variable- speed trigger.

The package includes two blades, a multi-lingual CD-ROM video, one battery and one charger. Extra nuts, bolts and an Allen wrench are also included for blade mounting. ❙❙➤ www.extractor.ca

Reach New Angles with
Pivot Heat PipeKnife®
The PipeKnife Company, manufacturer of the “Original PipeKnife” sealant cutout knife, announces the addition of the “Pivot Head PipeKnife.” The Pivot Head PipeKnife is a traditional cutout knife with a hinged design, which allows the blade head area to pivot.

In addition to the launch of this new product, the company has signed an agreement with Burch-L tools to become the exclusive manufacturer of the Pivot Head PipeKnife, which formerly was known as the Burch-L pivot tip longknife. The patented design of the Pivot Head PipeKnife allows the blade head of the long knife to pivot +/- 20 degrees, matching the sloped surface of the vehicle dash, according to the company.

In addition, Pipeknife representatives say the ergonomic pivoting head design provides the technician with the ability to reach the dash line while bending the blade head of the knife so the handle will be on the same plane as the dash. The Pivot Head PipeKnife is manufactured fom hight-strength aluminum and is available in 14- and 18-inch lengths and is equiped with a cushioned handle. ❙❙➤ www.pipeknife.com

Sell with Speed and Safety, ADCO Says ADCO will be promoting a new program, the “Safe Drive Away Initiative and Sell with Speed and Safety!” program. Company representatives say the program was designed to assist shop owners in maximizing profit margins while also proving quality to customers.

“By offering the consumer the option to ‘value’ their time by choosing either PRO1 or PRO2 products, with one-hour and two-hour side drive-aways, respectively, they agree to pay a premium based on the safe driveaway [time],” reads information from the Michigan Center, Mich.-based company. “The faster the safe drive-away, the greater the value to both the consumer and the shop owner.”

As part of the initiative, ADCO will provide customized posters, banners and literature with point-of-purchase  displays that include shop advertising, as well as service and support. ❙❙➤ www.adcocorp.com

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