Volume 11, Issue 1 - January/February 2009

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Removal Tools Dominate 
Auto Glass Expo @NACE

SEVERAL MANUFACTURERS launched their latest new products and developments at the Auto Glass Expo at NACE, which was held November 5-8 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The PipeKnife® Co. introduced several new tools, including the Side- Kick, a one-man setting system. The patent-pending system has three small parts that attach to the vehicle and the glass, including an upper support arm that attaches by vacuum to the roof of the car, a lower notched arm that attaches by vacuum to the hood, and a standard set of double vacuum cups. These all work to allow a single technician to set large pieces of glass by himself.

Nelson Marketing, which is best known for its invention of the Glass Bot™, introduced the latest version of the removal tool at the show. The newest version of the Glass Bot is cordless and comes with the Milwaukee Tools 18-volt NiCad battery attached to it. The wire-winding system is mounted on a vacuum pad and operates via a remote control grip, and the cutting wire is placed around the exterior of the glass part, pushing one end through the adhesive and attaching it to the winding shaft of the system mounted on the interior surface of the glass part. This pulls the wire, cutting through the adhesive to release the glass.

Equalizer Industries displayed its new Gorilla lift system, designed to set windshields in large buses. The system can lift loads up to 610 pounds and can be operated manually or by using a drill. It is equipped with a push/pull handle and four large wheels, allowing the technician to move the glass easily into position. The system is designed to be mobile and folds up to a size of 24 inches tall and 30 inches wide. (When unfolded, its maximum height is 10 ½ feet.)

ADCO promoted its new “Safe Drive Away Initiative and Sell with Speed and Safety” program. The company is providing customized posters, banners and literature with point-of-purchase displays that include shop company logos to help shops promote safe drive-away times and safety to their customers. 

AEGIS Tools International Inc. showed the new SOLO II one-tech windshield-setting tool, which features a reversible arm to allow technicians to work from either the passenger or driver side of the vehicle. The arm also extends to accommodate extreme windshield rake angles, wing windows, heavy-duty and loop arm mirrors and larger truck windshields. 

Creative Extruded Products Inc. launched its new environmentally friendly universal moulding, the Eco-Trim. Eco-Trim is made from a rubber-like material with rubber performance but is designed to have less of an impact on the environment. It’s 100 percent recyclable, according to the company, and contains neither lead nor chlorine.

REHAU Incorporated showed its new UniFit Pinch-N-Go™ universal moulding, which is manufactured with an elastomeric polymer for cold flexibility and squeak resistance. The moulding is available in five sizes and is equipped with a “clothespin” hinge.

Gold Glass Group’s new SensorTack GGS 901 gel was also on display. The gel is designed to make it possible to re-use the round rain/light optical gel-filled sensors so that they can be re-attached to a windshield post-installation. 

Crystal Glass unveiled the Hammerhead, a new windshield removal tool, which is designed for removing the corners of a windshield from a vehicle. It’s designed to fit easily into installers’ toolboxes. Next year’s NACE Expo is scheduled for November 5-7, 2009, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Dow Develops New Warm-Applied Adhesive
Dow Automotive’s latest product is a new warm-applied polyurethane glass bonding adhesive designed to cut down on waste and save time, according to Phil Jentoft, Dow Automotive commercial manager-aftermarket. 

“BETASEAL Advantage is heated only for extrusion. It doesn’t need to be activated,” says Jentoft. 

Jentoft says the product, which has a one-hour safe drive-away time, was developed based on feedback received from technicians.

“We received a lot of feedback from technicians and shop owners who are using hot-applied adhesives. There were opportunities to improve ease of use and performance as well as reduce risk,” Jentoft says. 

He adds, “The big issues are heating limitations, temperature-dependant drive-away times and a lack of a high-modulus and nonconductive adhesive that meets the requirements of every vehicle. To Dow Automotive, these were some pretty significant unmet needs and we thought we could help.”

All of the other products in the BETASEAL line are cold-applied. This particular product is designed to be used in all climates.

“It delivers one-hour safe drive-away performance from 0 degrees Fahrenheit and up,” Jentoft adds. “From Phoenix in the summer to Minneapolis in the winter, it’s the only product you need for every installation.”

Other features of the adhesive include the following:

• Low waste - Company representatives say BETASEAL Advantage cartridges can be quickly reheated, so a partially used cartridge doesn’t have to be thrown away;
• Long warm time - the adhesive is designed so that it can be kept warm for 24 hours, so a cartridge opened one day can be used the next; and
• Fast preparation - BETASEAL Advantage only needs to be heated for 15 minutes in a standard cartridge oven, Jentoft says.

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