Volume 11, Issue 1 - January/February 2009

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Belron to Integrate Mobilglas

Belron S.A. will integrate its latest acquisition, Glostrop, Denmark-based Mobilglas, into its Denmark subsidiary, Carglass® Denmark. Belron recently purchased Mobilglas for approximately $6 million U.S. dollars (4.8 million euros). 

“Mobilglas and Carglass® [are] a perfect match,” says Ole Meyer, general manager of Carglass® Denmark, in a statement issued by the company. “We have the same market approach, and strive for the same technical quality and customer service. Mobilglas has a proven track record with its mobile concept combined with central booking, and we will spend the first period after the take-over learning from them so that we can pick the best ideas from both organizations for the future set-up. This is indeed a very exciting opportunity for us here in Denmark.”

Mobilglas chief executive officer Fred Sorenson declined to comment on the sale, citing an agreement with the purchaser.

“We signed an agreement that we cannot divulge anything to the press,” says Sorenson.

Sorenson founded Mobilglas in 1984 with the assistance of Jacqueline Newman of Austin, Texas. Today, he serves on the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard (ROLAGS) Committee and has been active throughout the windshield repair industry.

GlasWeld Takes Over Management of Glass Mechanix
Glass Mechanix, which previously was based in Eugene, Ore., has moved to Bend, Ore., where it will be co-located with and managed by GlasWeld Systems.

“We’ll manage sales, product fulfillment and research and development for the company,” says GlasWeld chief visionary officer and president Mike Boyle. “We’ll be sharing facilities and resources.”

As part of the move, GlasWeld has created a new division—GlasWeld Management Solutions (GMS)—and plans to manage other companies in the future in the same way.

With regard to the staff of the company, John Kiland, a former principal of Glass Mechanix, is the only member of the staff who will continue to be involved in the operation, according to Boyle.

“We’ve brought in Don Gregor, and he and Chris Boyle will be heading up the operation,” Boyle says. “We see it as a real good fit to have two different brands and product offerings.”

As for changes that current customers can expect, Boyle says they’re won’t be any for GlasWeld customers; for Glass Mechanix customers, he says the main change will be in the type of service provided.

“We certainly want to improve the level of customer service that Glass Mechanix is able to offer with our staff,” he adds. 

Up Your Velocity®

Equalizer says its new Velocity repair system is robust, user-friendly and flexible. The system contains a remotely operated combination vacuum and pressure pump that allows the user to alternate between vacuum and pressure cycles while inside the vehicle. In addition, the stainless steel injector features a “sraight-through bore” that allows the user to remove the quick-release hose coupler and then press down directly on the break to aid the wicking process of the resin. 

The company’s DynaPro® system also is available for those looking for a quality system at a reasonable price, company representatives say. The DynaPro stainless steel injector is a self-contained “pull/push” pressure and vacuum creating device, which allows the user to switch quickly between cycles. 

Both systems have a durable bridge that is easy to clean, while the pump action attachment cup keeps the assembly on the windshield, according to information from Equalizer.

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