Volume 11, Issue 4 - July/August 2009

Repair Round-up
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Going Green with Windshield Repair
by Mike Boyle

Most consumers feel good when they recycle. They like feeling that they are helping to save the earth and reduce the enormity of their carbon footprint when they recycle everyday items such as cans, bottles and even newspaper. They may have changed out their light bulbs, taken public transit or even cut down on their paper consumption by printing less or switching to online bill pay. However, driving home from work everyday, many do not realize that the glass they are looking through cannot be readily recycled, and, if damaged, presents another opportunity for them to be green.

This is where the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) is working to educate consumers. If a windshield is damaged and can be repaired, the NWRA wants consumers to see that repair is not only cost- and time-saving but, more importantly, that it is the greenest option.

Building Sustainability
Recently, I have been speaking about the importance of building sustainability into the glass industry, citing the enormous amounts of glass entering landfills and the environmental benefits of repair. Based on a scientific analysis of energy cost for producing glass, recent projections have shown that a 20 percent increase in glass repair worldwide would result in a carbon emissions reduction of 57 million metric tons. And, with an average windshield weighing about 25 pounds and 11 million windshields being replaced annually, an astonishing 275 million pounds of glass is being put into our landfills every year.

Most consumers are not aware that glass repair can have such an enormous impact on the environment. A shifting economy calls for changes in business operations and incorporating sustainable practices is vital to moving companies and brands into the future.

So what are you waiting for? Promoting our green message at the grassroots level will help the NWRA and help your business, too. When a consumer inquires about windshield damage, if it is an option, be sure to carefully explain the benefits of repair—including how environmentally friendly it is.

On a larger level, the NWRA is committed to getting its green message out, with an aggressive marketing campaign to let consumers know the environmental benefit to windshield repair.

“On a larger level, the NWRA is committed to getting its green message out,
with an aggressive marketing campaign to let consumers know the
environmental benefit to windshield repair.”

Introducing the GGCA
To that end, the NWRA is also pleased to announce its inclusion in the newly created Global Glass Conservation Alliance (GGCA).

The GGCA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing the energy impact of glass upon the earth. The GGCA promotes the repair, restoration, reuse and recycling of all types of architectural and automotive glass.

The forward-thinking NWRA board has expanded the NWRA to encompass the GGCA. The GGCA has three divisions, one of which is the NWRA, dedicated to repair as the first option for auto glass.

The NWRA believes that the inclusion of the association in the GGCA will provide new business opportunities for members as well provide an easier message for consumers to understand. Moreover, it will afford members the opportunity to get their message out to a wider audience.

The NWRA board of directors appreciates your continued support as the association continues to adapt and grow in the future. Together, we will continue to support repair as the first option, as well as the most environmentally friendly one.

Look for more information about this exciting endeavor in future issues of AGRR.

Also, do not hesitate to contact the NWRA with any questions you may have about what you can do to encourage repair as the first, and greenest, option.

Remember, together we can save consumers not only time and money, but can help them reach their goal to be environmentally conscious.

Mike Boyle is president of GlasWeld in Bend, Ore., and serves as president of the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA). Mr. Boyle’s opinions are solely his own and not necessarily those of this magazine.


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