Volume 11, Issue 2 - March/April 2009

legal updates

Massachusetts Rep. Re-Files Anti-Steering Bill for 2009-2010 Session

A Massachusetts representative has pre-filed a bill designed to prohibit insurers from directing policyholders to specific auto glass companies. The bill, filed this year as 1003 by Rep. Ronald Mariano, was reviewed in last year’s session, but met its end on the last day of the session—after preceding to the Senate from the House.

A spokesman from the financial services committee said the earliest this year’s bill will be read is likely April, but it could be as late as November; at that time, a public hearing will be held.

Last year’s bill was sponsored by Rep. Robert Spellane.

Alabama House Reviews Bill That Could Eliminate Deductible Provision for Comprehensive Glass Coverage

The Alabama House of Representatives currently is reviewing a bill that would provide that “the deductible provisions in any motor vehicle insurance policy issued in this state by an authorized insurer providing comprehensive coverage or combined additional coverage shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle covered under such a policy.”

The bill was pre-filed by Rep. Thomas Jackson on January 28. 

California Expected to Increase Glass Regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has proposed new regulations that would affect the glass in most motor vehicles on the road below 10,000 pounds in weight including passenger cars in the year 2012 and beyond. The proposal states that cars must transmit no more than 40 percent of the total light spectrum. This would also be true of any glass replaced in the car after 2012. 

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