Volume 11, Issue 2 - March/April 2009

Off the Line
New Presidential Cadillac Features “Optimal Visibility”

Though few specific details are known about President Barack Obama’s brand-new Cadillac presidential limousine, General Motors officials say the vehicle features “optimal outward visibility,” and is slightly more upright than its predecessor.

The vehicle includes many signature Cadillac elements, such as an intricate, dual-textured grille.

The rear passenger area of the car is designed specifically and prepared for presidential use and includes an extensive executive compartment with seating space, outward visibility and mobile office features. An embroidered presidential seal appears in the center of the rear seat back panel, as well as on each door trim panel, and on the exterior rear doors. The U.S. flag is placed on the right front fender, and the presidential standard will be located on the left front fender when the president is en route. The Cadillac is equipped with high-tech LED spotlights to illuminate both flags at night.

General Motors spokesperson David Caldwell declined to comment on the details of the glass used in the vehicle, due to the security involved.

The vehicle is equipped with bullet-resistant windows, but Caldwell would not reveal the thickness, construction nor the supplier of the glass.

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