Volume 11, Issue 2 -March/April 2009

Repair Revolution
Windshield Repair Kit Suppliers Offer New Products and Systems to Meet a Variety of Needs

Are you looking to add repair to your replacement-only business? Or, are you a repair technician looking to try a new system, resin or kit? In the following pages you’ll find an overview of the latest repair kits and systems on the market, along with some updates to current systems.

Catch the Blue Wave™
Glass Technology has developed an advanced Blue Wave™  high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) curing system. The Blue Wave system ensures proper cross linking and cross hatching, resulting in a strong cure and bond, according to the company. The high-intensity light-emitting diodes are positioned to surround the damage that is being repaired completely, producing the correct UV wavelength needed to cause resin molecule stimulation and curing.

The system was developed so that the technician can maintain complete physical and visual contact with the repair area, according to the company; likewise, it provides the technician with control as to when to cure the repair without removing the injector and exposing the repair to air. Since the Blue Wave is integrated with the injector and bridge, removal is not required during the curing process. The injector can be used during the curing process to produce pressure to hold the resin into the repair while it is being cured, the company notes.

The Blue Wave curing system requires no external power source and is completely portable. According to Glass Technology, it will cure up to 15,000 repairs before UV light maintenance is needed.

QuikSilver Technology™ Added to AEGIS® Systems
AEGIS Tools International has developed a new, patented QuikSilver Technology™, which uses a dry vacuum to remove moisture and debris from a break. The company has added this technology to all of its windshield repair systems. The AEGIS dry vacuum system utilizes a gauged pump so the technician can verify that an adequate vacuum is achieved. When the injector is lowered into position there is no opportunity for air to re-enter the break, so it fills quickly and completely with repair resin, according to the company. 

Equalizer Kit:
Perfect for Beginner or Professional, Company Says
The Equalizer® Deluxe windshield repair kit is designed to be perfect for the beginner or professional windshield repair technician, according to the company. It comes with a high-quality repair bridge system, resins and accessories for both star breaks and bull’s-eye breaks. The system comes with both written manual and DVD.

In addition, the kit includes a piece of glass with assorted breaks on which technicians can practice.

The kit also includes a repair bridge system inner o-rings, external end seals, repair resin (½ ounce), pit filler resin (¼ ounce), ultraviolet light, single-edge razor blades, a Dremel drill and charger, five drill bits, a two-point probe, five pairs of Nitrile gloves, a heating element, a glass cleaner, a pair of safety glasses and enough curing film for 100 or more repairs

Repair Cracks Up to 12 Inches with Ultra Bond System
Ultra Bond offers the Ultra Bond custom crack repair system, which it says can be used to repair cracks up to 12 inches long in less than 20 minutes. The system comes with a stainless steel injector that holds 36 drops of resin and has a vacuum pressure of 27 inches hg. Likewise, it is equipped with a crack-repair holding structure designed to slide along the crack, and an 8-inch crack opener with a custom-made durometer and diameter rubber suction cups.

The Ultra Bond custom crack repair system also is accompanied by 45cps resin used for the point of a crack, primer for an edge crack and stone breaks, along with Ultra Bond 400cps resin for floater cracks and edge cracks, and Ultra Bond 1600, which also is used for edge cracks.

GlasWeld Offers G3fusion

GlasWeld’s G3fusion system includes the company’s ProVac injector with resin encapsulation for air and moisture removal. In addition, it is equipped with the company’s integrated ProCur 360-degree curing lamp and the company’s scientifically formulated resins. GlasWeld also now offers a Distance Learning program available to all technicians using the GlasWeld system.

Glazex System Does It All
The Glazex windshield repair system was designed to be simple to use and maintain, according to the Orem, Utah-based company. The system is equipped with a powerful piston injector, which has a firm seal by which the injector is held against the glass surface, according to the company. This allows the technician to exert enormous pressure on the resin and move it into the hairline cracks of any damage.

The tool also has three fingers, each of which is capable of placing the injector in corners and along any edge of the windshield. The Glazex system contains standard threads and will hold various injectors from other suppliers on the market.

In addition, the repair tool is fitted with an adapter fitting and quick disconnect attached to a hose assembly and the company’s metal vacuum/pressure pump, which is capable of pulling 25 to 30 inches of mercury and allows the operator to apply 16 pounds or more of air pressure.

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