Volume 11, Issue 2 - March/April 2009

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Achieve an Instant VIN Etch with Insta Etch
The Insta Etch VIN-etching system fits in the palm of a technician’s hand and requires no training or set-up, according to the Phoenix-based company that invented it. Developed by Matt Holloway, a former auto glass shop owner, the digital device requires no training or set-up, and can produce a user-inputted or downloaded VIN in less than 30 seconds. The entire process, from start to finish, takes five minutes, and results in a highly legible VIN marked on the glass.

Go Classic with Precision
Precision Replacement Parts offers a variety specialty tools for installing glass in classic and antique vehicles. Some of the items available in the company’s AGR reference guide are rope-in tools, cut-out wire, door panel remover, door clip remover, a headliner installation tool, locking strip insert tool, and a variety of hook tools. The company also has available several types of automotive weatherstrip, windshield and backlite mouldings, moulding clips, glass hardware, wiper blades, side-view mirrors, rain sensor lenses and pads and other tools.

Re-Use Gel Sensors with New Product from Gold
Gold Glass Group says its latest product makes it possible to re-use the round-type rain/light optical sensor lenses that are filled with a gel. The company’s new SensorTack repair set is designed to re-attach these sensors to the windshield easily and quickly using a two-component silicone gel with a special mixing syringe. The process takes just a few minutes, according to the company.

In addition, the SensorTack refill gel has a short curing time so it can be used in shop or on mobile applications.

“We have developed a system that is inexpensive and easy to use,” says company representative Mark Daniels.

When the system is used in cold climates, a heater box is available to reduce curing times. The heating box also has a built-in level indicator and fully adjustable feet.


BETAPRIME™ CLEAR Approved Down to 0°F
Dow Automotive has announced that its BETAPRIME™ CLEAR now is approved for use down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. This breakthrough allows technicians to prime bonded glass parts down to the same application temperature of the company’s advanced cure adhesive systems, BETASEALTM 0°ne, BETASEAL Express and the new BETASEAL Advantage.

"Bringing the application temperature of our glass primer in line with our high-performance advanced cure adhesives has been a top priority,” says Dale Malcolm, Dow Automotive technical services manager.

Get the POWR 
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has a new one-hour urethane, POWR Bond, which is cold-applied. 

“Our new POWR Bond One-Hour Urethane Windshield Adhesive is a high-viscosity, non-conductive, super-fast curing adhesive that meets or exceeds U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards,” says Gary Byrum, product manager. 

Byrum says the adhesive is tack-free in just 10 minutes, and offers a one-hour safe drive away time at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

The adhesive requires use with CRL One Step Primer (Cat. No. 1214006). Its metal cartridges include wide-mouth nozzles, and are packed twelve 10.5-fl. oz. cartridges per case.

Beware of the Hammerhead
The new HammerHead from Crystal Glass/The Extractor is an economical tool for separating the lower corners of windshields that cannot be cut out with a cold knife. It utilizes standard Extractor blades and comes complete with a 6 ¾-inch cut-out blade. The 21-inch overall dimension also fits most standard toolboxes, according to the company.

Make it Quick: QC-200
Reid Manufacturing Co.’s new QC-200 quick release cold knife allows blade changes with the push of a button, while maintaining a slim 1-inch diameter body that fits comfortably in the user’s hand. Company officials say inserting a new or different length blade also is easy; the technician simply slides the blade shank into the quick release cold knife and it automatically locks the blade into place.

The QC-200 quick release cold knife was designed not only to speed worn blade replacement, but to also aid sequential or incremental cutting, as it eliminates the need for owning multiple cold knives to complete this procedure, according to the company. 

Sika® Cleaner S Designed for the Toughest Contamination
The new Sika Cleaner S is an innovative organic, solvent-based cleaning agent designed to treat heavily soiled surfaces that cannot be cleaned sufficiently using standard cleaning methods. The universal treatment also is formulated to remove non-traditional contaminants on auto glass replacement (AGR) glass parts.

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