Volume 11, Issue 3 - May/June 2009

life beyond the auto glass business

Road Trip
Techna Glass Owner is Harley Davidson Enthusiast

Not many people discover their lifelong hobby at an age as young as 8, but Troy Mason did. The president and founder of Techna Glass in Sandy, Utah, was lucky enough to discover at that young age a love for bike-riding—just not on your average bike, however.

“[My parents] never really rode, but we had an acre’s worth of land behind us, so a bunch of us in the area had motorcyles and rode together in that area,” says Mason. “Then we’d go camping and would take our dirt bikes with us.”

At the age of 15, he got a Yamaha Endura 125 on/off-road motorcycle, and today, he sports a 100-year-anniversary Harley Davidson Roadking Classic, which he purchased in 2003. And when it’s warm outside, he’s rarely seen without it.

“During the summer, I’ll ride 75 percent of the time,” says Mason. “There was one time last year when I went two weeks without driving my car.”

Though Mason has long been interested in motorcycles, it was only with the purchase of this particular bike that he became a Harley enthusiast.

“I had a really nice Yamaha V-Star 1100, which was not a bad motorcycle, but it doesn’t even compare to how the Harley rides,” he says. “They’re just better machines. It just rides so much more solidly, so much smoother. There really is a difference in a Harley.”

And he’s not the only one at Techna Glass that shares a passion for motorcycles.

“There are probably eight of us at the corporate office who have Harleys or motorcycles, so during the summer it’s common to see five or six motorcycles parked out here,” he says. “For the last three years we’ve organized our own little rides and we take as many in the company who can participate as possible.”

Last year, the group did a 2,481-mile, six-day trip up the coast of California and back to Utah by way of Oregon and Idaho. The group biked an average of 12 hours a day.

He adds, “We rode through the Napa Valley, went into San Francisco, and took the Coastal Highway all the way up through California, through the Redwood Forest. In about the middle of Oregon, we turned inland.”

And they’re hoping to take a similar trip in 2009.

“This year, we’re trying to get [a trip] planned that takes us through Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole and up through Glacier National Park in Montana,” he says.

Mason founded Techna Glass in 1991, just a year after he entered the industry as an installer for another company. Today, the company has 17 locations in Utah and Nevada.

Obviously, it’s been quite a ride.

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