Volume 11, Issue 3 - May/June 2009

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Extractor Releases 110-Volt Version
The new 110-volt EXT-PROE from Crystal Glass/The Extractor is designed to be lightweight and fast—at a speed of 2,800 strokes per minute. Company officials say the tool is also sturdy. It is equipped with an 11-amp motor and variable-speed trigger. The tool does not require any batteries and runs via an electric cord.

Quick as a StingRay™
Equalizer Industries new StingRay has high torque, fast acceleration and a top end speed faster than any of the company’s other Express®, according to its maker.A the plunger floats on a series of ball bearings and the blade is driven by a floating pin bearing system. This allows all the power of the StingRay to be pushed directly to the blade. 

The tool is ergonomically designed to give the operator a comfortable, natural grip. The low profile of the handle gives the user clearance from any direction. The StingRay also is equipped with a rotating speed control that provides a wide range of speeds from 500 to 3000 strokes per minute. 

SIKA Introduces Sika® Cleaner S
SIKA Corp. has a new organic solvent-based cleaning agent for treating heavily soiled surfaces that cannot be cleaned sufficiently using standard cleaning methods. SIKA Cleaner S is a universal treatment designed specifically to remove non-traditional contaminants on auto glass replacement glass parts.

Anything But Ordinary
Officials from EFTEC North America describes its newest glass cleaner, DINITROL® 582, as “anything but ordinary,” and touts its ability to penetrate all glass contaminants, including oils and release agents. The company says the solution also is fast-drying and provides a clean, contaminant-free bonding area for primer applications (when used correctly).yyä www.eftecna.com


Bond it with POWR
CRL POWR BOND hi-viscosity urethane adhesive is a fast-curing adhesive that is tack-free in only 50 ±10 minutes, and offers safe drive away time in as little as 1 1⁄2 hours when used on vehicles without a passenger side air bag, and 3 hours with passenger air bag at 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) and 45 percent relative humidity, according to Gary Byrum, product manager.

The adhesive comes in metal cartridges; a package includes six 4-1⁄2-inch (114-mm) long screw-on cone nozzles and six V-cut nozzles. Cartridges are packed in twelve 10.5- fl.-oz. (310-ml) cartridges per case. 

Aftermarket Adhesive with an OEM Heritage
The manufacturers of the OETech line of adhesives describe it as being formulated for today’s toughest aftermarket environments while maintaining an OEM heritage. OETech offers a broad range of products to meet varying needs, including: OETech1, a high-modulus-low-conductive one-hour urethane; OETech2, a three-hour high-viscosity urethane; and OETech3+ and OETechh+, both of which are six-hour medium-viscosity urethanes. 

OETech1 and OETech2 are packaged in PROkits; including 24 tubes or sausages of urethane, one bottle of combo primer, urethane nozzles and batch stickers. OETech3+ and OETechh+ are available in cases of 12; they come with nozzles and batch stickers with primers and activators sold separately. OETech3+ is available in sausages and cartridges, while OETechh+ is available in cartridges. 

Back to O°ne
Dow Automotive’s BETASEAL 0°ne adhesive is formulated to work in virtually every application, according to the company. It works at any temperature above zero degrees Fahrenheit (-17.8 degrees Celsius) and has a one-hour safe-drive-away time. 

BETASEAL 0°ne also is nonconductive for preventing interference with radio and integrated cell phone and navigation systems. Company officials add that its high-modulus properties provide torsional stiffness to meet vehicle structural requirements. www.dowautomotiveaftermarket.com 

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