Volume 11, Issue 3 - May/June 2009

T e c h T i p s

Repair Versus Replacements
by Gayle Good

I still have customers who ask if they should just replace, rather than repair, their windshields. If they have actual cash value coverage or a low deductible on their policy, why fix it?For years, the repair industry has pushed customer education about repair. The issues of saving time, money and keeping the original seal in tact have always been emphasized. 

From a technicianís view, the change in body styles and the technology being integrated with the glass also makes repair an easier option.

For example, todayís technician doesnít simply just cut the glass out and stick a new one in anymore; more and more parts of the vehicle need to be taken apart to do a replacement, many of which are plastic and easily breakable.

Newer vehicles have the glass mounted flush to the body, leaving little clearance when cutting the glass out. The possibility that paint will be scratched can result in rust if not treated properly. A repair eliminates the potential rust factor.

The old standbys of saving time, money and the environment will always hold true. But with the changes in the shapes and features of the glass, there are more reasons now than ever before to promote windshield repair. 

Gayle Good of Cindy Rowe Auto Glass is the technical director of the National Windshield Repair Association. Ms. Goodís opinions are solely her own and not necessarily those of this magazine.

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