Volume 11, Issue 5 - September/October 2009

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Fight with POWR
The new POWR BOND™ heated urethane from C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. cures quickly when heated first in a urethane oven and provides a 3-minute safe drive-away time when used on a vehicle without a passenger side air bag, and two hours on vehicles with passenger air bags. It is accompanied by a one-step primer and aerosol cleaner and is packaged in metal cartridges with screw-on nozzles included in every case of 12 cartridges. www.crlaurence.com

Quatro, Quatro, Quatro
Sika Corp.’s new SikaTack®-QUATRO is a one-component, cold-applied, fast-curing, non-conductive, black primerless to glass, “All-in-One” modulus polyurethane. QUATRO is easy to use due to its easy extrusion, short cut-off sting and non-sag properties, according to the company, and is available in both a standard 24-cartridge Super Kit carton and a DAY PAK, which contains eight 300-ml cartridges, five 1.1-ml Aktivator PRO pads for glass preparation and five 1.4-ml Primer-206 Stix for pinchweld treatment. QUATRO offers a four-hour safe-drive-away time under most weather conditions.

Get an Advantage
BETASeal Advantage from Dow Automotive is warm-applied adhesive that is heated for extrusion only, yet doesn’t need activation. The cartridges also can be reheated quickly, so a partially used cartridge doesn’t have to be thrown away. And, the adhesive can be kept warm for 24 hours, so a cartridge opened one day can be used the next.

The adhesive requires heat of 15 minutes in a standard cartridge oven, and provides a safe drive-away time of 60 minutes in any temperature above 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and in any humidity (including jobs involving cars with dual air bags).


Glass Bot™ Redux
Nelson Marketing has introduced a new version of the Glass Bot removal tool for 2009. The system is now available cordless and utilizes a Milwaukee Tools battery mounting system with an 18-volt NiCad battery. The company says the speed of the battery assists with a quick removal of the wire from the tool post-removal.

The Glass Bot is a vacuum pad mounted wire-winding device. In addition to the battery-powered option, the system also is available powered by a 12-volt DC source. It operates via a remote control grip.

The Glass Bot process involves placing a cutting wire around the exterior of the glass part, pushing one end through the adhesive and attaching it to the winding shaft of the Glass Bot mounted on the interior surface of the glass part, and pulling the wire, cutting through the adhesive to release the part. The process pulls the wire inward, away from the painted surface and prevents damage to the glass part and paint system. www.glassbot.net

Back to Basics with BTB
The new auto glass removal system from BTB Tools is capable of removing any adhesive-bonded glass from any vehicle, according to officials from the company. It also works with challenging glass parts such as backsliders, exposed edge glass and the safe removal of unbroken encapsulated glasses for body shop removals and installations without damage to glass, encapsulation or paintwork. 

The company’s technician toolkit includes external cutting powered cold knife blades, internal cutting blades with precise cutting depth regulation and BTB’s new “winged” anti-scratch pinchweld scraper blades. 
The tool itself is compact and lightweight to allow access when removing small quarter or rear curved glasses. It operates with low vibration and noise levels. www.btbtools.com

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