Volume 11, Issue 5 - September/October 2009

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Make It Quik
The new QuikSilver Technology™ from AEGIS® Tools International is designed to allow technicians to achieve complete repairs in five minutes.

The QuikSilver System uses a dry vacuum and a gauged pump so the technician can verify that an adequate vacuum is achieved. When the injector is lowered into position there is no opportunity for air to re-enter the break, so it fills quickly and completely with repair resin, according to company officials.

Get the Fusion
GlasWeld’s G3fusion auto glass repair system includes a G3 ProVac injector with resin encapsulation; the integrated ProCur 360-degree curing lamp; and the company’s full line of resins. In addition, the system’s users have access to the company’s distance learning program, which provides online training 24/7 throughout the world.

Glass Technology Riding the BluWave™
Glass Technology now offers its BluWave™ high-intensity ultraviolet-curing repair system. Company officials say BluWave technology ensures proper cross-linking and cross-hatching, which results in a strong cure and bond using Glass Technology’s Diamond Clear Resin™. The high-intensity light-emitting diodes are positioned to surround the damage that is being repaired completely, producing the UV wavelength needed to cause resin molecule stimulation and curing.

The complete curing process produced by the Diamond BluWave system allows the technician to maintain complete physical and visual contact with the repair area, according to the company. Since the BluWave technology is now integrated within the injector and bridge, they now require no removal during the curing process andthe injector also can be used to produce pressure to hold the resin into the repair while it is being cured.

The Diamond BluWave is portable and requires no external power source, according to the company.

Glazex Retools
Orem, Utah-based Glazex has introduced its new power piston injection system. The repair tool is furnished with three fingers and standard threads that will hold various injectors. According to the company, the tool only requires three to four drops of resin for most repairs. The tool can also be fitted with an adapter for a vacuum pressure pump. The tool is furnished with an easy-to-use power injector, with added retainer block that holds the piston in place while vacuuming the damage.

Keep It Simple
C. R. Laurence Co. Inc.’s windshield saver kit repairs stone-damaged windshields using a two-part epoxy compound to fill chip crevices and prevent radial cracks. The system doesn’t require drilling and the epoxy is clear, so it will not affect visibility. The kit comes in single application and five-application fleet packs.

Repair Long Cracks with Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Crack Repair is a new resin technology that company officials say can be used to repair cracks 12-14 inches long. In addition, the repairs completed with the new technology eliminate them from view from
the head-on angle, according to the company.

“Once we figured out the cause of the head-on angle we then set out to reduce or eliminate it and this was done using different chemistry than what has been used for the past 35 years,” reads a statement from the company.

Annihilate Damage with New Glass Pro Systems Tool
The new Annihilator from Glass Pro Systems is a dry-vacuum tool, which company officials say works at any angle. The tool is made primarily of Delrin™, with the exception of the injector, which is made of anodized aluminum. Company officials say repairs can be completed in as little as five minutes with the tool, including curing, and that it is easy to clean. Likewise, the resin that remains in the injector after the job can be saved for future repairs, according to the company, making the tool also economical. www.glassprosystems.com



Go Green with AEGIS Scratch Removal System
The AEGIS Tools International scratch removal system enables technicians to repair light or heavy scratches on glass that might otherwise be discarded. Company officials say the system can be used on windshields, windows, table tops, tempered glass, architectural glass and flat glass or curved glass. It also works on graffiti, according to company.

The AEGIS® Scratch Removal System utilizes 3M™ Trizact™ abrasive discs, which have precisely shaped pyramids of aluminum oxide or cerium oxide fine-grade minerals. When finished with the job, clean up is easy and there is no slurry left behind, AEGIS officials say. The AEGIS® Scratch Removal System KIT1800 comes with a multi-speed polisher, discs for 25 to 50 six-inch scratch removals, glass polishing compound, polishing pads, safety and clean-up equipment, instructions and a tool box.

Scratch Hog™ Tested
Officials from Glass Technology say that, in a down economy, the market for scratch removal is even larger than ever before, as customers are looking to save money by whatever means possible. The company’s Scratch Hog™ repair system recently was tested to ASTM standards for distortion and structural integrity results

“Glass Technology is excited to see the demand for glass restoration increasing as more and more company are choosing cost effective green alternatives,” says general manager Rory Most. “With our 2009 product testing we will continue to exceed expectations.” www.gtglass.com

May the Gforce Be With You
GlasWeld’s Gforce scratch removal system uses a one-step process designed to save users time, money and hassle by repairing glass damage quickly. It can be used on all types of scratches, including water scale, acid-etching, paint overspray and other imperfections. They system also is portable. www.glasweld.com

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