Volume 12, Issue 1 - January/February 2010

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GlasWeld Hires Former Honda and GM Exec as General Manager
GlasWeld has appointed Dennis Garbutt as its new general manager. Garbutt, who has experience with both Honda and General Motors, is responsible for managing the company’s daily operations, organizational planning, and corporate strategic direction.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Albion College.
In light of a tough economy and consumers’ developing desire for all things green, Garbutt says he joined the company at a particularly opportune time.

“I think the timing is really, really good in this economy,” he says. “People are being more frugal—they’d rather repair than replace.”

Garbutt also is a proponent of green—something GlasWeld management has long promoted.
“Certainly, environmentally, we’re on the right track,” he adds. “ … It’s more economical to repair glass than to make glass, and
I think we’re going to carry that theme throughout all of our public messages, and certainly internally in the way we operate.”

Garbutt says GlasWeld’s scratch removal business also is continuing to grow, as manufacturers work to save money and be lean.

“We’re marketing this to manufacturers,” he says. “[If they discover a piece of scratched glass,] they can remove the scratch right there and then send [the glass] back into the system … We sell to distributors also because no matter how well it’s packaged, there’s going to be some damage along the way.”

“My goal here is to just build a really solid team that has a strong customer orientation,” Garbutt adds. “I really want the customer to come first … I want us to be able to deliver products and processes that help [customers] do their jobs better.”

Garbutt says his automotive industry experience helped him develop a unique outlook, which he has now brought to GlasWeld.

“When I worked for GM, they were masters of marketing what they had on the shelf, and at American Honda, they were masters of listening to consumers and building to a need, and that’s what we’re going to try to do here at GlasWeld—listen to the market and build to a need,” he says.


GGCA Officially Launches; Now Accepting Members
The board of directors of the newly created Global Glass Conservation Alliance (GGCA) has announced that it is now accepting memberships. The GGCA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing the energy impact of glass upon the earth. The GGCA promotes float glass repair, and recycling of all types of float (auto and flat) glass.

The organization previously, of which the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) is a part, has expanded its focus to bring awareness to the public about the benefits of glass repair, restoration, reuse and recycling, and will now act as a council of the GGCA. The Alliance’s goal is to reduce the amount of float glass that is thrown out each year and to espouse the benefits of being an environmentally conscious glass consumer.

“The NWRA will continue to be a council in the newly expanded
organization dedicated to repair first as the best viable option for windshields, but are proud to be involved with the GGCA, which will encompass the larger goal of reducing glass in the landfills,” says NWRA/GGCA president Mike Boyle.


Delta Kits Offers Headlight Restoration System
Delta Kits Inc. offers a headlight restoration system designed to restore headlights to their original clarity, not only improving the vehicle’s appearance but also the headlights’ ability to project light properly.

Delta says this also is a green alternative add-on service for businesses, as it prevents the unnecessary disposal of discolored headlights currently going into landfills. The company notes that the restoration process is also a simple and fast one. It’s also a service that can be marketed current customers already seeking glass work.

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