Volume 12, Issue 1 - January/February 2010

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Added Power
The Extractor PROV28 Milwaukee is Crystal Glass’s newest option for those looking for rugged performance and strength. The tool has 40 to 50 percent more power than the company’s 18-volt tool, and its battery will run twice as long as conventional tools according to the company.

Go Thin
A.N. Designs now offers its UltraWiz UltraThin Paint Protection Blades (51C1, 2, 3 and 4 Series), which are ready to use right from the package. The blades are coated with a special resilient, durable coating, designed to reduce the risk of scratches and paint damage while cutting out windshields with exposed pinchwelds. Because the coated shank is narrow, the blade can maneuver easily around tight radius corners without damaging paint, according to the company.

Take GlassMate on the Road

Mitchell International has released an updated version of its GlassMate software and has also created a mobile version of the software, GlassMate Mobile.

GlassMate 6 allows its users instant access to NAGS part numbers and pricing, along with the ability to prepare quotes, convert quotes to work orders, and invoice customers and vendors. GlassMate Mobile also allows customers to look up parts and pricing information on the go, access scheduled work orders, and view work order details such as vehicle location, and parts information right from their smart phones.

The GlassMate Mobile software can be integrated with GlassMate 6 as well, so that all work order schedules created in GlassMate 6 are automatically synced with the mobile system.

Wood’s Powr-Grip® Releases Powr-Press Vacuum Hold-Down
The new Powr-Press from Wood’s Powr-Grip is designed to provide a fully adjustable, hands-free tool with strong hold-down action for automotive side mouldings, glue-on windshield mouldings and body emblems. The Powr-Press acts as a third hand and assists technicians by keeping parts in place without having to hold them in place manually or to apply masking tape while adhesive is drying.

Within the system, a stainless steel bracket is fastened to the top of the vacuum cup with the aid of an adjustment knob, which enables the bracket to slide or swivel as necessary to hold a part in position. Each end of the bracket is equipped with a 3-inch threaded screw with an adjustment knob on top and a swiveling pressure foot on the bottom. Once the vacuum cup has been secured to the surface, the bracket can be swung into its holding position. The adjustment screws then are turned to apply the desired amount of pressure.

Glass Mechanix Unveils Daytona System
Glass Mechanix recently launched an all-new windshield repair system called the Daytona auto glass repair system. It includes a newly designed bridge, which offers precision and adjustability, and two-stage resin injector technology.

Ultra Bond Kit Now Includes New Tools and Technology
The New Ultra Bond Crack Master Kit includes 17 proprietary chemicals and processes, and six custom-made windshield repair tools designed to repair stone-breaks and long cracks, including the new Hybrid Crack Repair Resin designed to repair cracks 12 to 14 inches long.


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