Volume 12, Issue 2 - March/April 2010

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Mainstreet Releases Check-Processing Module
 Mainstreet Computers has a new electronic check processing module available. The module eliminates the need for daily trips to the bank, allows businesses to save money on per-item deposit fees, and it reduces the risk of insufficient funds notices, as the check is processed immediately.

In order to use the scanner, the operator must scan the paper check, and the image is routed automatically for deposit through the Point-of-Sale or Accounts Receivable program within Mainstreet’s Glas-Avenue line of products—simplifying both the user’s deposit process and record-keeping needs.  


The Cutting Edge
The “Technician” 11-blade toolkit from BTB Tools includes blades with precise cutting depth control to cut from inside or outside the vehicle, long blades for deep-dash windshields and BTB’s “winged” anti-scratch pinchweld scraper blades. Also included is the WK10HD power tool, designed for long life. It is compact and lightweight for maneuverability when removing small quarter panels, combined with low vibration and noise levels.

The tool kit is available from Equalizer Industries.

FlexLine is Flexible, Says Company
Yih-Tair Industrial Co. Ltd. offers its FlexLine universal mouldings, which are designed to resist deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays. The mouldings also are extruded with a metal filament to resist stretching and shrinkage, and are available in three widths to cover a range of parts, allowing for a reduction of in-shop inventory.

Yih-Tair also designed the mouldings so that they would attach easily to the windshield edge and lay evenly on the vehicle’s body along straight areas and corners and they are said to be pliable as well, easing installation in cold-weather temperatures, according to the company.

Get Mouldings Quickly
The newest moulding program from Pilkington North America allows retailers to place orders for mouldings through its quick delivery program: the Pilkington Express Expedited Moulding Program. The company says using this program, mouldings will be delivered to your door in less than five business days.

It’s Universal
Creative Extruded’s FlexiTrim™ universal mouldings offer a range of benefits, including cold-weather flexibility; special packaging to eliminate kinks, twists and rolls; anti-itech material that doesn’t mark or squeak; and a patented, non-metallic stabilizer designed for length and flexibility. In addition, the mouldings are easy to apply; stay securely attached to the glass; resist cracking, fading, discoloration and shrinkage; and reduce the inventory auto glass businesses need to have on-hand, according to the company.

PRP Universal Mouldings Designed for Performance
Precision Replacement Parts (PRP) recently launched a universal cavity-style moulding sold on a 75-foot single-line spool. The RPW16R moulding is designed to retain contact with the vehicle’s body all the way around, even on tight radius corners such as those on the Toyota Sienna or Dodge Caravan. Key features of the mouldings are a unique profile design and custom compound that is designed to remain flexible in all climates. 

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