Volume 12, Issue 3 - May/June 2010

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Glass Doctor University Becomes AGRSS-Registered Training Program

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council has determined that the Glass Doctor training program qualifies for registration as an AGRSS-Registered training program. In addition, Glass Doctor has decided to open its training center, Glass Doctor University, to the entire industry. Previously it was used only to train Glass Doctor franchisees.

The course lasts four days. The first half a day is spent on adhesive training, while the remainder of the course is spent on advanced training techniques and discussions of industry standards and various available tools. The course is taught by industry expert Frank Levesque.

“It’s very detailed,” says vice president of franchise relations and training Dan Mock. “It’s more for an advanced technician or a business owner.”

“The number-one reason we’ve done this is to help people get AGRSS-registered and, number-two, to help the industry,” he says.

He adds, “[Participants] will have everything they need to become AGRSS-registered [when they leave here].”

The course will be offered to 12 attendees at a time and will be scheduled as needed. Though each class also will contain Glass Doctor’s newest franchisees, Mock advises the class is not intended to promote its franchise offerings.

“We’re not going to try to sell people franchises while they’re there,” he says.

AGRSS Begins Interviews for Business Development Director Position
The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council Inc. has begun interviewing for the position of business development director, whose goal will be to expand the AGRSS brand with the ultimate goal of making AGRSS compliance a requirement for all installations.

The business development director also will be responsible for increasing the AGRSS-registered-company pool and working with insurance companies to use AGRSS-registered companies.

AGRSS Council to Lead ARGULA Development
The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council Inc. has taken over the administration and development of the Auto Replacement Glass Uniform Labeling of Adhesive (ARGULA) draft standard. The National Glass Association (NGA) previously served as secretariat for the developing standard. The ARGULA Committee will continue to function as a separate committee of the AGRSS Council.

“The number-one reason we’ve done this is to help people get AGRSS-registered and,
number-two, to help the industry.”
—Dan Mock, Glass Doctor


AGRSS Changes Registration Fee Structure; Businesses Can Now Pay Monthly
The Board of the Directors for the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council Inc. recently voted to change the structure of its registration fee program, allowing AGRSS-registered companies now to pay monthly if they prefer to do so. The new fee will be $39 a month per registered company, plus an additional $8.50 per location each month. AGRSS currently is setting up a system whereby a business can simply provide a credit card number for automatic payment each month.

“We realize in these tough times, it’s sometimes difficult for companies to pay the entire registration fee at once,” says AGRSS Council president Debra Levy. “We are glad to be able to make this option available.”

However, if a business prefers to continue to pay the full amount of its registration fee annually, this is also possible, and, as an added bonus, companies who do pay in full will receive a free conference registration for one person from its headquarters location, and an additional free registration for one person from each of its locations.

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