Volume 12, Issue 3 - May/June 2010


The First-Ever
New Products Guide
The Latest Tools, Adhesives and More Available to the Auto Glass Industry

If you’re looking for a new adhesive, faster drive-away times or the latest tools to help you work on the latest vehicles, you’ve come to the right place. In the following pages you’ll find AGRR’s first-ever new product guide, containing the latest items designed for your business.

Reverse It
The new reverse blend blade from UltraWiz® is ideal for times when a technician does not want the blade to cut right up to the glass, or for situations when exposed glass with an underside moulding or encapsulation is involved. The 5200 series is available in sizes of 3/4, 1 and 1 ½ inches and, according to its manufacturer, offers the control a technician needs to cut away from the glass and moulding.

You Needn’t Beware of This HammerHead
The HammerHead, a new tool from Crystal Glass/The Extractor, was designed to offer an economical way to reach the lower corners of windshields that sometimes cannot be accessed by a cold knife. The HammerHead uses standard Extractor blades and comes with a 6 3/4”-inch cut-out blade. The 21-inch overall dimension of the tool should fit most standard toolboxes, according to the company.

The company also has introduced the Swivel Shaft, a 7-inch extended shaft made to provide longer reach in tight cut-out areas. The shaft swivels 90 degrees left and right, allowing the technician to swivel his battery or handle out of the way of obstacles when cutting out glass.

Precision Replacement Parts Offers Beam-Style Frameless Wiper Blades
Precision Replacement Parts in Snohomish, Wash., now offers its beam-style frameless wiper blades, designed to withstand all weather conditions. According to the company, the frameless design of the blades makes it so they don’t collect snow and ice. The blades are made from a high-quality, natural rubber and apply smooth, even pressure for quiet, streak-free performance, according to the company.

These also feature an integrated spoiler, reducing lift-off and vibration, and a universal adapter that fits 95 percent of the vehicles on the road today. The blades are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 28 inches.

Provide VIN Etching to Customers
The patented INSTAetch professional glass etch system is a digital, handheld VIN etch device specifically designed for mobile glass technicians. INSTAetch kits allow any installer to produce VIN security marks for the car’s owner or glass company logos and/or phone numbers for brand recognition, all while in the field.

The wireless system provides a permanent etch using a proprietary process that takes less than ten minutes, according to the company.

DBC Offers Online Quoting and Smart-Phone Capability
Digital Business Controls (DBC) in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a number of software solutions for auto glass businesses. Among these is a solution for real-time online quoting, including a tool for alerting customer service representatives (CSRs) instantly and providing detailed web success analysis.

In addition, DBC’s real-time smart-phone applications give technicians a direct tie-in with the company’s software system, allowing them to enter/update information, including notes, payment information and ticket status, as well as to report their status from “on-site” to “completed.” At the same time, CSRs are able to monitor these updates from the company’s headquarters and relay necessary information to customers.

Hot Glass

Zeledyne™, in conjunction with Ford, recently introduced a heated power slider back window (Part No. DB 11708 YPY). The window originally was developed for the Ford F-150 pickups and was introduced on 2010 model-year vehicles. Truck owners can flip a switch and defrost their rear windows the way most car drivers do.

The part also is available to replacement businesses, along with the motor and cable assembly, provided for a fast installation, according to the company.

Annihilate Breaks
The Annihilator from Glass Pro Systems allows a technician to perform a high-quality repair quickly, according to its manufacturer. Glass Pro Systems officials say the dry-vacuum system is extremely fast to use and works on vertical glass as well as cracks and normal damage.

Re-Use Rain Sensors with SensorTack Refill Gel
Gold Glass Group (GGG) Corp. offers two-component silicone gel that allows replacement technicians to re-use most round rain and light sensors, according to the company. GGG officials say re-attaching the old sensor to the windshield using its SensorTack gel is a quick and easy process that can take as little as six minutes.

GlasWeld Releases “Eco” Windshield Repair System
GlasWeld has launched its newest offering in windshield repair equipment, the ecoVac™ injector. The ecoVac injector was built based on the performance of the company’s patented ProVac™ technology and then refined even further to support the company’s environmental and efficiency initiatives, according to GlasWeld.

“GlasWeld is Dedicated to Preservation™ and the ecoVac offers our customers an economical way to support this initiative and to help reduce glass waste by keeping windshields out of our landfills and saving energy,” says GlasWeld general manager Dennis Garbutt.

The new ecoVac injector has fewer moving parts than its predecessor, improving ease of use and longevity of life. The injector comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in black anodized aluminum with all operating surface areas finished in stainless steel or a completely stainless steel version.

Delta Launches 3 Series Windshield Repair System
Delta Kits has a new windshield repair system, the 3 Series. Company officials say the new EZK-321 was designed to deliver maximum productivity for discerning technicians.

Spring Auto Glass Show™ Preview
A number of brand-new products were scheduled to be launched at the Spring Auto Glass Show™ this May in Fort Myers, Fla. Read on for an overview of these.

Booth #12:
Mainstreet Features Check Processing Module
The team from Mainstreet Computers will be featuring the latest addition to its Glas-Avenue 8.0 software, its new electronic check-processing module, designed to help glass shops compete more effectively in today’s tough economic market.

By using the company’s electronic check processing module, businesses can eliminate the need for daily trips to the bank and save on the per-item deposit fees. Likewise, insufficient funds risks are reduced, due to quick notification cycles, and deposits are credited for same day availability, allowing a company to lower its overall operational costs.

This feature is available with both the traditional desktop software and the web-based version of Glas-Avenue 8.0.

Booth #15:
Get Mouldings Quickly
The newest moulding program from Pilkington North America allows retailers to place orders for mouldings through its quick delivery program: the Pilkington Express Expedited Moulding Program. The company says that using this program, mouldings will be delivered to your door in less than five business days.

Place orders for the mouldings that you use most or need quickly through the new quick delivery program called, the Pilkington Express Expedited. Minimum orders are not required.

Booth #11:
eDirectGlass Releases Integrated Technician Route Planner
eDirectGlass, a wholly owned subsidiary of AMJ Logistics, Inc., has introduced a solution for technician route planning in all its TSM point-of-sale editions. The new route planning add-on, called Technician Route Sync or TRS for short, allows eDirectGlass customers to easily pre-plan a route and obtain precise travel logistics for any technician’s work day.

TRS gives eDirectGlass customers integrated “door-to-door” route planning that can easily be dispatched to compatible, over-the-counter, portable GPS devices by companies such as Garmin and TomTom, providing them with real-time and historic guidance on their routes throughout the day. Additionally, TRS routes are integrated with the eDirectGlass Mobile Edition.

Booth #13:
CRL Introduces One-Hour Urethane
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) is introducing its POWR Bond one-hour auto glass urethane windshield adhesive, which is cold-applied and priced economically, according to the company.

“Our new POWR Bond one-hour urethane windshield adhesive is a high-viscosity, non-conductive, super-fast-curing adhesive that meets or exceeds U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards,” says product manager Gary Byrum.

According to the company, the urethane doesn’t have to be heated prior to gunning and can be tack-free in only ten minutes, alloing a one-hour safe drive-away time at temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit.

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