Volume 12, Issue 6 - November/December 2010

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ROLAGS Committee Meets in Vegas; Confirms New Chair
The Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standards (ROLAGS) Committee met in Las Vegas in October for its first time under the auspices of a new secretariat, the National Windshield Repair Association.

The committee chose a new chairperson—Keith Beveridge of Novus—and also reconstituted its marketing committee, which will be chaired by Rich Campfield of Ultrabond. Members also voted to review operating procedures and to wait to submit a set of changes to the standard to ANSI until recommendations from the Product Performance Subcommittee are completed and ready.

“We plan to move quickly to make up some transition time,” said Beveridge. “And new participants are always welcome to be part of the process.”

The ROLAGS Committee is an ANSI-accredited standards developer that has developed the standard for windshield repair. Its next in-person meeting of the full committee will be held in March.

An App for Glass: United Kingdom-Based Auto Windscreens Launches iPhone “Chip Checker”
United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens has designed an iPhone application that allows consumers to take photos of chips in their windshields to determine whether the damage is repairable.

The application, developed by the United Kingdom-based Auto Windscreens, allows consumers to not only determine whether the rock chips in their windshields are repairable by the company’s standards but also to book the work on their phones. In addition, the application includes a list of United Kingdom-based insurers in a section called “Is It Free?” to allow potential customers to tell quickly if a deductible will apply to the work.

The first step included in the application has the user select the area of the windshield in which the damage is located. Then, the iPhone is used to take a photo of the damage (using a credit card to keep the appropriate distance between the phone and the windshield). A circle then appears on top of the damage; if the damage fits inside the circle, Auto Windscreens deems the rock chip repairable and offers the consumer a form within the application to provide details on the type of car, preferred date for appointment and personal contact info.

The system is estimated to permit rock chips one centimeter or smaller to be repaired.

Visit www.agrrmag.com/studio and click on the September newscast to view a video demo of the application.

Briefly …
NOVUS Glass has new franchisees in Richmond, Ind., and Troy, Va. The new Indiana franchise is owned by Gary Hamilton, and Matt and Amy Morris are the new proprietors of the Virginia franchise

Glasspro Systems has moved its headquarters to New Port, N.C. The company previously was located in Rockville, Ill. (yyä www.glassprosystems.com)

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