Volume 12, Issue 5 - September/October 2010

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SuperGlass Windshield Repair Sales Increase Over Same Period in 2009

SuperGlass Windshield Repair, which is based in Orlando, Fla., recently announced that its first-half-year sales for 2010 have exceeded those of the first half of 2009. Company officials say the increases for its individual franchisees ranged from a 2.6 percent increase to a 266 percent surge throughout the world. They attribute the rises to establishing more accounts in auto sales and fleets, and an increase in insurance work from the Harmon and Gerber networks. Specific sales numbers have not been disclosed.

The 266 percent increase came from Larry Teal in Mechanicsburg, Pa., and the company says, on average, the increase was 101.1 percent per franchisee.

“Overall, the chain showed healthy growth in the midst of a period where most businesses are struggling to maintain sales,” reads a statement from SuperGlass. “Most of those locations that lost auto rental work replaced it with marketing to new accounts.”

Eight Repairs: No Reloading
Ultra Bond in Grand Junction, Colo., offers several tools designed to make the repair technician’s job simpler.

The company says its repair tool can complete eight repairs with no need for reloading. In addition, the company offers its Star-Flexor, designed to flex the legs of a crack when they’re difficult to fill with resin.

Ultra Bond’s innovative X-Phobic is designed to “break” the Rain-X link to the glass so that the resin can still bond to it. The company’s Xtra Bond was developed to increase the technician’s bond to the glass for stars near the defroster area.

The company also offers Clear Pit pit-filler, which utilizes no mylar or scrapping and doesn’t require a polish. Ultra Bond’s Rain-Proof additive also is available; company officials say just one drop of this solution placed in your injector can absorb and dissipate water.

Glass Technology Catches the BluWave™
Glass Technology, located in Durango, Colo., introduces Diamond BluWave UV Curing Technology with Diamond Clear Resins, a high-intensity UV curing process, which company officials say ensures cross linking and cross hatching, resulting in a strong and fast cure, according to the company.

The system uses high-intensity LED UV technology and allows a windshield repair technician to cure the resin inside the break quickly while the windshield repair equipment is still on the glass.

Detail Plus Introduces Professional Headlight Restoration System
Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems of Portland, Ore., has added a new service system to its line of cosmetic car care products. The Professional Headlight Restoration System will restore polycarbonate and plastic headlights to a like new condition in less than an hour, according to the company.

The system features a mini-buffing tool onto which the sanding disks and polishing pads are attached.

Also included are the series of sanding disks in various grits, foam polishing pads and special polishing compounds/polishes to restore the lens to a like-new finish.

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