Volume 13, Issue 1 - January-February 2011

life beyond the auto glass business

Sure Shot
Jamie Browning, Browning Auto Glass

It’s no secret that even the easiest day in the auto glass business can be a stressful one. But new auto glass business owner Jamie Browning of Browning Auto Glass in Daniel Island, S.C., has found his own secret for winding down on the weekends. The 38-year-old business owner hits the shooting range nearly every weekend.

He’s been participating in the sport since about the age of 9, as it’s a common hobby in his family.

“Guns have really always been around in the family as far as hunting and stuff like that,” says Browning.

Browning enjoys both simple target practice and what he calls “trick shooting”—shooting a variety of weapons, skeets and various types of targets.

Though he once enjoyed hunting as well—for “pretty much anything”—Browning sticks mainly to target shooting now.

“I shoot handguns, rifles, shotguns, pretty much anything—whether it’s some kind of modern
military weapon or old, Civil War-type weapon.”

He shoots every weekend on a piece of property owned by a close family member, and says his favorite weapon to shoot would surprise some.

“My favorite gun to shoot would be probably one of the less sophisticated ones—an 1875 Remington Outlaw,” says Browning.
“It’s the same gun that Frank James of Frank and Jesse James fame carried.”

In addition to hitting the range regularly, Browning also enjoys local gun shows—and seeks out interesting weapons to add to his collection.

“I shoot handguns, rifles, shotguns, pretty much anything—whether it’s some kind of modern military weapon or old, Civil War-type weapon,” he says.

Asked whether it’s tough to find the time for such a time-consuming hobby as a new business owner, Browning replies, “not really, because it’s a great stress reliever.”

“It’s something that I try to make time for,” he adds. “It’s nice to get together with friends and get your guy time in.”

For those who wish to take up shooting, Browning stresses that, just like in the auto glass business, safety should come first.

“I’m definitely a huge advocate for safety, and making sure that if there are children in the house that you have [firearms] locked up,” Browning says. “Firearms in general get a bad reputation, but it’s up to the owners to be responsible—and keeping [them] away from children is definitely top of the list.”

Browning has been in the industry since the age of 18—for 20 years, and has worked for a variety of companies, including Harmon, ABRA Autobody and Glass, Glasspro in nearby Mount Pleasant, S.C., and Team Acne in Las Vegas, prior to opening his own company last year. He also received the gold medal in the 2009 Auto Glass Technician Olympics.

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