Volume 13, Issue 4 - July-August 2011

The Showroom
New Products

0ºne for All
Dow Automotive Aftermarket officials say the company’s BETASEAL™ 0ºne all-application adhesive enables technicians to safely use one adhesive for all auto glass replacements. The adhesive also is designed to offer one-hour safe drive-away in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit for standard and high-modulus, non-conductive applications.

BETASEAL 0ºne is easy to use and does not require heating, according to the company. It is available in cartridges and foil packs, as well as EZKits.

Need It ASAP?
Sika Corp. recently introduced Sikatack®-ASAP+, a one-component, hot-applied, direct glazing polyurethane adhesive designed to have a maximum one-hour safe drive-away time in all weather conditions. Additionally, SikaTack®-ASAP+ is all-in-one-modulus and can be used to install windshields on all high-modulus vehicles and also is non-conductive.

SRP® Announces New 30-Minute Drive Away Time
SRP’s new Icon™ product is a high-viscosity adhesive that features a high-modulus, low-conductive formula plus a 30-minute drive away time down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

“The SRP Icon is the outcome of an intensive product development cycle that started with a customer wish that ended up as a great product for everyone,” says Keith Beveridge, senior vice president of Shat R Proof Corp.
The SRP Icon is available in both 310-ml cartridges and 600-ml sausage packs.

Looking for an Hour?
DINOL Americas now offers D-9000, a high-modulus, non-conductive urethane that offers a safe drive-away time of one hour. The adhesive is solvent-free, cold-applied and has a high viscosity, according to the company. It also can be utilized in all temperatures.

Put PRP in Your Pocket
Precision Replacement Parts (PRP) has a new pocket guide that includes its line of mouldings, seals, clips and rain sensor products. The guide also includes NAGS numbers for the glass parts with each product fits, along with universal moulding applications by NAGS glass part number.

Restoring Clarity
If you’re looking for a new product or service to add in your shop, GlasWeld has introduced its new Gclear™ headlight restoration system.

The new system features an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coating and ultraviolet (UV) curing process that company officials say restores headlights to their original clarity quickly and easily. The process requires three steps—clearing and cleaning the oxidized coating from the headlight, applying the OEM UV coating, and curing it with a UV curing lamp.

Glass Bot™ Made for Exposed-Edge Parts
The Glass Bot™ was designed to ease technicians’ removal of exposed edge glass parts with no mouldings and to reduce the risk of paint damage. The powered winding device also does not required mouldings nor trim to be removed, and offers stress-free operation with a 6-foot range remote control, according to the company.
The Glass Bot is powered by an 18-volt 2.4 amp-hour Ni-Cad battery.

Express® Yourself
The Equalizer® Express® XRP was designed to cut through the toughest urethane, according to the company. It is powered by a heavy-duty 18-volt cordless motor.

UltraWiz® Offers Reverse Blend Blade
A.N. Designs developed its new UltraWiz® reverse bend blades so that the blade now bends the opposite way from its original tool, and the flat surface of the blade can glide through the urethane toward the pinchweld. By steering the blade, the technician can keep it up against the moulding and not dig into it, according to the company.

The reverse bend blades are available in three sizes: ¾, 1 and 1¼ inches.

Extractor Introduces the 28V Hornet
Extractor has a new windshield removal tool, the 28-volt Hornet. The Hornet is powered by a 28-volt lithium-ion battery and comes with a 120-volt battery charger, two blades, a plastic tool box/carry case, a multilingual CD-ROM instructional video, safety glasses, and a plastic water bottle.

In addition, the Extractor can be used for cutting face glazing and back bedding in both commercial and residential glazing, and for separating insulating glass units.

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