Volume 13, Issue 3 - May-June 2011


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AGRR™’s Second Annual New Products Guide

Are you looking for a new adhesive, or a new tool to ease removal of some of the newer, more tightly placed windshields? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a look at the newest launches.

Equalizer Launches Wire Removal Tool
The Roll Out 2000 from Equalizer® was designed to allow technicians to remove windshields without damaging vehicles’ pinchwelds. Company officials say the tool is user-friendly and only requires a few simple steps.

Each kit comes with one single-spool winch, one double-spool winch, one wire roll (approximately 2,300 feet in length), four plastic protective shields, one wire starter, one wire guide, one ratchet, one long ratchet extension, one short ratchet extension, one set of ten guide pins and needles, one installation stick, one pair of safety glasses, one pair of safety gloves, and one tool pouch. All items come in a handy plastic case, according to the company.

Nelson Releases MK II Glass Bot™
Nelson Marketing officials say they have completely redesigned the frame and components on the Glass Bot™ to minimize the number of parts as well as speed production. The MK II Glass Bot™ is hand-built in California from 85 percent American-made parts and fasteners, according to the company.

Make It Quick
The UltraWiz® quick release long knives allow technicians to change blades without changing tools, according to tool manufacturer A.N. Designs Inc. To change blades, a technician must simply roll his thumb back over the tool’s safety catch while pushing down on the release lever, allowing for a quick release of the blade.

Extend Your Reach with New BTB Tool
BTB Tools officials say the versatility of the company’s new WK10HD auto glass removal tool ensures safe removal of any bonded glass from any vehicle. The tool was designed to specialize in challenging glasses such as deep-dash windshields, back sliders, tight-tolerance exposed edge glasses, and safe bodyshop removals and re-installations without damage to glass, encapsulation or paintwork.
The company also offers an 11 blade toolkit that includes blades with precise cutting depth control to cut from inside or outside the vehicle, long blades for deep-dash windshields and BTB’s winged anti-scratch pinchweld trimming blades.

The tool is being distributed in the United States by Equalizer Industries.

Low-Vacuum Audio Alarm Available on Powr-Grip® Hand Cups
A low-vacuum audio alarm (LVAA) is now available for most Wood’s Powr-Grip N-Series vacuum cups, as well as the LJ6VH vertical handle, according to the company. The LVAA is a metal-clad plunger that emits a warning tone if vacuum levels drop below acceptable levels. The familiar red-line indicator is still present, but with the new LVAA plunger, a 70-dBa audible warning alerts the user and others nearby whenever the red line on the plunger begins to slow due to vacuum loss.

Powered by one AAA battery, the warning alarm has been incorporated into the plunger assembly, making it compatible with many different models of Wood’s Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cups. Company officials say that alarm operation is as simple as that of a standard hand cup, and that the system automatically turns the alarm on and off as necessary, so no user intervention is required.

The LVAA is available both as a stand-alone component for current owners of Powr-Grip vacuum cups, and pre-installed on the company’s N-Series hand-held vacuum cups.

Get Clear: Gclear™
GlasWeld’s new Gclear™ headlight restoration system features an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coating and ultraviolet (UV) curing process that restores headlights to their original clarity quickly and easily. The company’s proprietary UV coating has been developed with an automotive OEM supplier, and, when used with GlasWeld’s frequency-tuned UV curing lamp proprovides a hard, durable, long-lasting finish, according to the company.

The Gclear System features a simple, three-step restoration process: clear, coat, and cure. The first step completely removes the oxidized coating from the headlamp to clean and prepare the surface. The second step is applying the aerosol OEM UV coating with a sweeping motion across the headlight. The third step is to cure the headlight with the frequency-tuned UV curing lamp for a complete, flawless coating.

Gclear is available in a variety of configurations and price ranges depending on equipment needs.

Watch Out for the Hornet
The Extractor has launched a new tool, the 28-volt Hornet, which is designed to remove a windshield in less than four minutes without damage to the windshield, vehicle or installer, according to the company.
The Hornet is powered by a 28-volt lithium-ion battery and comes complete with a 120-volt battery charger, two delta blades, a plastic tool box/carry case, multilingual video on CD-ROM, safety glasses, and a plastic water bottle.

Get an Edge™
Shat R Proof Corp. has introduced a new primerless auto glass adhesive that features high viscosity, quality decking and a Universal Modulus rating for use with vehicles that require a high-modulus adhesive. The SRP Edge™ auto glass adhesive offers crash test validated safe drive-away times of three hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit on vehicles with dual airbags, according to the company.

“The SRP Edge is a product we are all very excited about,” says David Osland, vice president of marketing. “It allows us to participate in certain segments of the auto glass market that we haven’t been able to in the past, especially with such a high quality product. The other built-in advantage is if you don’t scratch the pinchweld or run into any other complications, you don’t need to use any primer when following SRP’s written comprehensive instructions. It can be used completely primerless in many instances.”

SRP Edge is available in both 310-ml cartridges and 600-ml sausage packs.

Sika Launches SikaTack®-ASAP+
Sika Corp. has added SikaTack®-ASAP+ to its product line. The company’s latest adhesive replaces the company’s SikaTack®-ASAP product as it is all-in-one-modulus, non-conductive and maintains a safe drive away time of as little as 45 minutes, according to the company. The adhesive also can be used in all weather conditions and on all types of vehicles.

Get Universal
Precision Replacement Parts has a new line of universal mouldings.

“We’ve listened to our customers and developed a line of mouldings that performs well in all temperatures and climates,” says Don Penza, Precision’s quality manager.

The universal moulding line consists of conventional, underside and cavity-style mouldings in a variety of sizes.

Solutia Debuts Solar Interlayer
Solutia Inc. recently introduced the Saflex® S series advanced solar absorbing interlayer for the auto glass market.

“Global environmental regulations require the automotive industry to meet more stringent CO2 emissions standards as soon as 2012,” says Wing Kwang, global automotive business director in Solutia’s Advanced Interlayer Division. “Combine that with the growing number of consumers interested in reducing their environmental footprint while maintaining comfort and quality, you have an industry that must look for new solutions to design more efficient vehicles.”

Surface Dynamix Introduces Windshield Repair Droid Line
Surface Dynamix has introduced a new line of windshield repair tools called Windshield Repair Droids. The company says its new DynaVac Droid is equipped with a dynamic piston thread that speed the cycling of vacuum and pressure, along with a thread-less mounting design that sets seal pressure automatically. In addition, company officials say its DynaDry vaporizer removes moisture in the damage before the repair begins with only a small amount of heat.

Delta Kits Re-Designs Bridge Assembly
Delta Kits has made several advancements to its windshield repair system, including a re-design of its bridge assemblies to feature new locking and adjusting features for increased durability and ease of use, according to the company.

In addition, Delta offers the Spring Hammer, which includes a steel probe, depth gauge for drilling, and a pre-tensioned spring hammer that will allow technicians to create the mini bulls-eyes needed for long crack repair.

Annihilate Chips with GlassPro
The Annihilator windshield repair system from GlassPro Systems is designed to retain resin in its injector until the air within the break has been extracted. To use the tool, the injector is lowered toward the windshield seal, which isolates a vacuum within the break, and resin then is injected directly into the evacuated break without ever breaking the vacuum. Company officials say the tool works quickly and provides quality repairs.

briefly …
Mygrant Glass Co. has announced that it has instated a paperless invoicing system, in an effort to streamline efficiency for customers and be more environmentally friendly. Through the new system, all Mygrant invoicing is now available via email. n

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