Volume 13, Issue 6 - November/December 2011


Not One Customer …
Dear AGRR™,
In response to your branded article in the September/October issue of AGRR™ magazine (see page 40), I have yet to have any customer ask about glass brand. In addition to my windshield business, I also have an exhaust shop and oil change facility. Brands are a huge part of that business as customers use the Internet to investigate brands, sound and performance. Most customers are not educated enough about the glass in the car to be concerned, though. Likewise, insurance companies only specify new glass and will seldom pay for the upgrade, and the consumer is very price-driven in the process—whereas in oil and exhaust they will pay for the upgrade to premium products because of the advertising and education done by the manufacturers.

I appreciate your magazine and the information you provide.
Blake Allen
Blake’s Glass and Muffler
Coffeyville, Kan.

1 in 100
Dear AGRR™,
In response to the article “Branded!” virtually no one talks about brands—maybe 1 in 100, maybe. I have owned a one-man shop for more than 30 years and the main concern I hear is from consumers who are concerned about their premiums being raised due to claims. And, if consumers don’t have insurance, they want [the job done] for nothing. They do not care about anything but price; they want it now and where they are right now—work or their home. Insurance companies also are raising deductibles so it is becoming more of a cash market.
Chris Brown
Rock Hard Windshields
Everett, Wash.

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