Volume 13, Issue 5 - September/October 2011


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AGRSS® Marketing Committee Continues Insurance Education Efforts
The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council Inc. Marketing Committee has completed the first major phase of the mailing of the recently launched validation video to insurers across the United States.

“The first phase is done,” says marketing committee chair Nik Frye. “We targeted the top 150 companies first, and we’re working on Phase 2 now. We’re hoping eventually to reach all the insurers.”

The video features insurance agent Jon Fransway, who lost his sister Jeanne in 1999 due to an improper windshield installation. Fransway also was featured in the 2000 20/20 expose on improper windshield installations. In the video, he explains why he believes insurers should refer their customers to AGRSS-Registered companies and how crucial a safe auto glass installation is to a vehicle’s occupants.

“The biggest thing we wanted to accomplish is to get the message in the hands of the decision-makers.”
—Nik Frye, AGRSS Marketing Committee

The marketing committee has emailed a number of links to the video to insurance agents, and by this method is able to track who has opened the link and has viewed the video, according to Frye.

“The biggest thing we wanted to accomplish is to get the message in the hands of the decision-makers,” he says, adding that more than 1,000 copies of the video have been distributed to date.

“Every AGRSS-registered company has received a free copy and beyond that many have come back and purchased additional copies,” says Frye. “The great thing about that is the CDs are only $1. It’s very affordable and a great way to spread the message.”

The marketing committee also has plans for a consumer education video, with production likely to begin early next year.

“We’re currently formulating our strategy as to the message of the video,” says Frye.

AGRSS®-Registered Shops Get Linked Up

The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) Council Inc. is in the process of linking all AGRSS-registered companies’ names with their websites on the listings on www.agrss.org and its sister consumer site, www.safewindshields.org.

“We wanted to make sure that consumers can get as much information quickly as possible about registered companies when they’re looking for a shop,” says AGRSS Council president Debra Levy. “This way, potential customers are just a click away from registered companies’ sites when they visit www.safewindshields.org.”

She adds, “This is just one of the many values that being AGRSS-registered provides.”

The AGRSS Council is encouraging all AGRSS-registered companies to visit http://www.agrss.org/agrss-registered-businesses/ and www.safewindshields.org to make sure the proper websites are included. Changes or additions should be emailed to rickc@agrss.com.

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