Volume 13, Issue 5 - September/October 2011

The Cutting Edge
new car installations

2011 Infiniti FX35
by Jamie Browning

For vehicle and glass preparations please refer to AGRSS®/ANSI 002-2002 as well as your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations. Inspect the windshield for defects and any contamination that may compromise the bonding of the adhesive. Also look for any distortion, scratches or defects on the glass or moulding. It is recommended to test the rain sensor before starting the installation.

If the vehicle is equipped with an electrochromic mirror or rain sensor, make sure the ignition is off. Remove the right and left mirror covers and release the spring clips that retain the rain sensor, being careful not to touch or damage the gel pad and unplug the wiring connector. Using a T-20 torque (some models may vary) loosen the mirror screw and slide the mirror assembly upward to remove. To remove the A-pillar covers, if needed, partially remove the weather-strip running along the A-pillar that seals the door to the body. Next there is one metal clip and one plastic clip that retains the cover to the vehicle that can be removed by using a panel tool. If you need to remove the cover completely there is a plastic airbag strap securing the cover that will have to be cut if you cannot remove them successfully without cutting them. Once free, pull the cover upward to release it from the dash. To remove the wiper arms gently pry off the plastic nut covers and remove the wiper retaining nuts. Mark the driver and passenger side for ease of installation later. To remove the cowl panel remove the brake and battery covers first. Next remove the hood ledge and fender covers and set them aside. Remove the rubber seal and set all of the cowl parts aside for reinstalling them later.

For the sides and top of the windshield, a cold knife or power tool can be used as well as wire. For the bottom, a power tool or wire can be used.

Trim the existing urethane bead, leaving it 1 to 2 millimeters in height. Use your adhesive manufacturer’s pinchweld primer to prime all scratches, if any exist, and allow to dry according to your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.

Dry-fit the new windshield and mark it properly to ensure the correct setting procedure. Wet-scrub the frit and prepare the windshield according to your adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations, and then apply the adhesive and install the windshield. Make sure the deck height is correct (factory bead size is 7x12 mm) and the markings on the windshield line up with those on the body that were applied during the set.

Install the cowl, wipers and mirror in reverse order from removal and torque the wiper nuts to 18-foot pounds. The factory distance from the edge of the cowl to the wiper blade on the passenger side is 72.2 mm and 60.6 mm for the driver’s side, +/- 7.5 mm for each side. Be sure to check the rain sensor and wiper operation before returning the vehicle to the owner. n

Jamie Browning was the gold medalist in the 2009 Pilkington Clear Advantage Auto Glass Technician Olympics. He has more than 17 years’ experience in the industry.

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