Volume 13, Issue 1 - January-February 2011

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Mainstreet Offers Check-Processing Module
Mainstreet Computers now offers a check-processing module, the latest addition to its Glas-Avenue 8.0 software. Utilizing the module, shops can now process checks electronically, eliminating the need for daily trips to the bank and per-item deposit fees, according to the company. In addition, techs can quickly determine if they’ll receive an insufficient funds notice from customers’ banks.

Mainstreet also offers credit card processing and hosted software.

DBC Offers Real-Time Web Quoting, CSR Alerts
Digital Business Controls (DBC) has developed a solution that offers real-time web quoting, CSR instant alerts and detailed web success analysis for auto glass companies. In addition, the company has available real-time smart-phone applications that can tie directly in with its ChameleonWare software, allowing company reps to enter notes, payment information and ticket status, as well as report their status from on-site to completed.

In addition, the software system provides real-time text integration with a company’s point-of-sale system and schedule texted reports of sales and key statistics.

Go Lower with BETAPRIME™ 5201 Bare Metal Primer
Dow Automotive Systems recently announced that it has validated the use of its BETAPRIME™ 5201 bare metal primer at temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.7 degrees Celsius) with the same performance as at higher temperatures and at a drying time of 15 minutes. Designed for windshield-area corrosion treatments of a half-inch square or larger of bare metal, the previous minimum temperature for bond ing surfaces before applying BETAPRIME 5201 Bare Metal Primer was 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This enables glass shops to provide a necessary service quickly, confidently and easily in a wide range of operating temperatures,” says Dale Malcolm, technical manager, Dow Automotive Systems, Aftermarket.

Precision Goes Universal
Precision Replacement Parts has a new line of universal mouldings.

“We’ve listened to our customers and developed a line of mouldings that performs well in all temperatures and climates,” says Don Penza, Precision’s quality manager. “We’ve had valuable input from technicians that helped us design a great product that’s made right here in Wisconsin.”

Precision says that the offering consists of conventional, underside and cavity-style mouldings in all of the popular and new generation sizes.

Equalizer® Offers DynaPro® Windshield Repair Kit
The DynaPro® windshield repair kit from Equalizer is a quality, long-lasting kit, according to the company. The stainless steel injector is a self-contained “pull/push” pressure and vacuum creating device, which allows technicians to switch between cycles quickly. The bridge also was designed to be durable and easy to keep clean, and the pump action attachment cup keeps the assembly on the windshield, according to the company.

PipeKnife® Adds Side Buddy Rack to Offerings
The PipeKnife Co. has introduced a Side Buddy Rack system to allow technicians to transport tall and oversized windshields.

The Side Buddy Rack is designed to fit vans and pick-ups with shells to carry oversized products such as RV and bus windshields. The system is composed of a top body mount and main carrier system; the main carrier system can be detached from the top body mount to be loaded with product and then attached to the vehicle when necessary.

The Side Buddy Rack can transport two windshields at one time and includes padded framing and tie-downs.

Wood’s Powr-Grip® Offers Vacuum Cup with Vertical Handle for Windshields
The LJ6VH hand-held vacuum cup from Wood’s Powr-Grip provides comfortable hand placement for technicians when removing windshields, according to the company. The large-volume pump of this hand cup also permits quick attachment on both curved and flat glass surfaces.

The cup is equipped with a rigid, vertical handle that provides support for easy glass positioning, while a non-slip grip holds the glass securely at any angle. A red-line indicator on the pump visually warns the user in case of vacuum loss, and a special check valve allows re-pumping without the need to reattach the cup. Lift tabs on the vacuum pad provide instant release, and each cup is supplied with a protective pad cover.


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