Volume 13, Issue 1 - January-February 2011

Field of Vision
from the editor

Technical Times
by Penny Stacey

One of my favorite Christmas ornaments of all-time is not particularly sentimental, but is just a little fascinating in today’s time. It’s a little, plastic figurine dated “1990” that probably only cost a dollar, but it depicts Santa Claus working on www.santa.com and talking on a cell phone. At the time I received it, it really wasn’t all that special to me, but each year as I pull it out to decorate the tree, I chuckle a little more about how quickly times are changing. My aunt actually gave me the ornament, and I’m sure at the time it was nothing more to her than something cute to adorn a package.

Fast-forward 20 years, and in today’s times most of us carry not only cell phones, but rather “smartphones,” equipped with everything from cameras to the Internet to an endless variety of apps. While many of these are fun (and I’m sure many of us are addicted to things like Angry Birds and other entertaining apps), these devices also have changed our business endlessly as well.

One reader recently told me that he utilizes his iPhone on the job daily and he uses the simple notes application to track all the quotes he gives out, schedules appointments on the built-in calendar and takes photos of any corrosion or other issues using the camera function. And what about getting to jobs? Simple—many phones, including both the iPhone and Droid, have Google™ Maps readily available. There’s even an app called “VIN” that will provide you the make and model of any vehicle and the country in which it was built. I can hardly believe all of the information we now have at our fingertips.

As of this issue, you’ll see something new popping out in AGRR™—2D bar codes that offer readers and viewers immediate access to additional information about a product or service.

In order to utilize the codes seen in AGRR editorial, visit www.gettag.mobi on your smartphone to download the appropriate tag reader (free of charge). (If you’re an iPhone user like myself, you can also search for “Tag Reader” in the app store and download it at no cost there as well.) Then, simply open the app, point it at any tag, and you’ll immediately be taken to enhanced online content.

Another type of code can be seen in the GlassBot ad on page 12. Simply download any QR code reader, such as Redlaser or ScanLife, to view it.

(Many of you may also want to start considering use of these tags in your Yellow Page and newspaper ads. Scan the tag above for a short tutorial created for AGRR’s sister publication, USGlass.)

We’re seeing new and innovative technological updates in the industry everyday (see related story on page 40), and I look forward to hearing about some of your favorite applications, ideas for using smartphones on the job and more. Please e-mail me at pstacey@glass.com.

Happy New Year!

Penny Stacey is the editor of AGRR magazine.

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