Volume 14, Issue 1 - January/February 2012

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Prime Quickly, Easily
The new BETAPRIME™ Clear SA from Dow Automotive is an easy-to-use glass/frit primer packaged in a single-use applicator. Company officials say the primer dries in just six minutes at temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the primer does not require shaking and can be used in a wide range of temperatures and climates, according to the company.

OETech Offers Range
The OETech line of urethanes was designed to meet a variety of needs in today’s aftermarket installation. The adhesives are available in one-hour, high- and medium-viscosity, and high-modulus/low-conductivity formulations.

The line includes OETech1, a high-modulus/low-conductive one-hour urethane; OETech2, a three-hour high-viscosity urethane; and OETech3+, which is a six-hour, medium-viscosity urethane.

OETech1 and OETech2 are packaged in kits, including 24 tubes or sausages of urethane, one bottle of combo primer, urethane nozzles and batch stickers. OETech3+ is available in sausages and cartridges in cases of 12 and comes with nozzles and batch stickers with primers and activators sold separately.

SRP® Adds New Primer
SRP has a new pinchweld primer available, the SRP5025+, which company officials say they introduced as the result of customer feedback and to limit the amount of primers needed to perform a windshield replacement. The product is an improved version of the company’s prior SRP5025 primer.

“The new and improved formula still covers the needs of the pinchweld,” says Keith Beveridge, senior vice president of Shat R Proof. “Now it will also cover large areas of bare metal and aluminum in a single coating and will flash off and be ready for adhesive application in as little as five minutes time.”

Get Control
AEGIS® Tools International has re-designed its GlassHandlers® to offer technicians more control when setting or removing windshields. The setting cups also now feature an improved ergonomic grip, according to the company.

The cups are available in two- and three-handle sets, and each is rated for 70 pounds.

Replace It with Universal
Marcy Adhesives offers universal rubber mouldings, which company officials say bend easily around corners so that they can replace many fitted mouldings. The mouldings are manufactured with a blend of EPDM rubber and a channel design, allowing them to remain flexible in cold weather, provide excellent cornering and grip, and giving a professional finish to an installation, according to the company.

The mouldings are available in three forms and eight profiles.

Out Like a Lion

Nelson Glass Tools, based in Garden Valley, Calif., has introduced the Glass Bot Lion, which features a variable-speed pistol grip remote control with lithium ion batteries.

The Lion is a vacuum pad-mounted motor system that winds windshield wire under high tension to cut through urethane. The wire is pulled inwards away from the paint surface, in an effort to prevent paint damage during the removal process.

“Customers have been requesting a variable-speed switch so that more control can be obtained while cutting the urethane in corners, which is the most difficult area to cut with any tool,” says Rick Nelson, product manager. “We accomplished this by utilizing existing components from Milwaukee Tools in creating our new remote control for the Glass Bot Lion. We have eliminated the original NiCad battery mount off of the Glass Bot and now have the lithium ion battery at the base of the remote control.”


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