Volume 14, Issue 4 - July/August 2012

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Get the Latest Options in Blades
A.N. Designs Inc. of Torrington, Conn., offers its UltraWiz reverse bend blades in three sizes: The 5201-M with ¾-inch cut length, the 5202-M with 1-inch cut length and the 5204-M with 1-½-inches cut length. The reverse bend allows the technician to cut down and away from the glass, opposite action of a normal blade that cuts up and against the glass. This allows for cutting under encapsulations without digging in. The reversed and coated shank edge protects exposed pinchwelds from damage, according to the company.

Vertical Handle Vacuum Cups Now Available

Wood’s Powr-Grip of Laurel, Mont., releases the LJ6VH hand-held vacuum cup for removing or installing windshields. The large-volume pump of this hand cup permits attachment on both curved and flat glass surfaces. A rigid, vertical handle provides support for glass positioning, while non-slip grip holds the glass at any angle. To eliminate unexpected pop-off, a red-line indicator on the pump visually warns the user in case of vacuum loss, and a check valve allows re-pumping without the need to re-attach the cup. Lift tabs on the vacuum pad provide quick release, and each cup is supplied with a protective pad cover.

Cequent Offers New Transportation Racks
Cequent Consumer Products Inc. of Solon, Ohio, has introduced the TransRACK from Reese Carry Power brand for pickup truck owners who transport long items that might not fit in a truck bed. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, TransRACK installs without tools. Eight double-lock clamps with stainless-steel hardware hold the rack to the bed of the truck. Accessories can be installed with on-cross bar clamps. The rack has an 800-pound capacity and features four movable load stops. Several accessories using the same double-lock clamp system complement the TransRACK: TransRACK Conduit Carrier with stainless-steel hardware and a double U-bolt system eliminates drilling; TransRACK Trimmer Rack mounts to either a pickup truck or utility trailer and holds two trimmers or long-handle tools; and TransRACK Tool Rack mounts to either a pickup truck or utility trailer and can hold up to six straight-handled tools.

Webasto Launches Sunroof Mobile App

Webasto Product North America of Fenton, Mich., has released its mobile Sunroof Compatibility Guide. The company has developed the app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, available as a free download through the iTunes App Store. Search within the iTunes App Store for “Webasto Sunroof Compatibility Guide” to download.

The mobile app will allow users to select the year, make and model of a vehicle and determine which Webasto sunroofs are compatible for that vehicle.

Dinol Americas Goes Primerless-to-Glass

Dinol Americas now offers a primerless-to-glass urethane adhesive, Dinitrol Direct. The high-viscosity product features a fast curing time, good decking properties, short cut-off string, high elasticity, and high strength, according to the company. It is available in both 10.5-oz. Cartridges and 20.3-oz. foil wraps.

When used at more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit with more than 50 percent relative humidity/temperature, the product offers a safe drive-away time of 3 hours in vehicles with passenger side airbags. Without passenger side airbags, it offers a one-hour safe drive-away time at more than 73 degrees Fahrenheit with more than 50 percent relative humidity/temperature.

SRP Adds 30-Minute Drive-Away Time Adhesive
SRP Icon, SRP’s newest adhesive, features a 30-minute drive-away time at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The high-viscosity product also is high-modulus and low-conductive. The SRP Icon is available in both 310-ml cartridges and 600-ml sausage packs.

Sika Product Finder App Available at Apple Store
The new Sika product finder from Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., is now available in the Apple Store. The app has been designed for both iPhones and iPads. To download, access the iTunes/App store on a mobile device and search for the “Sika Product Finder.” The application is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later. Further information, such as Product and Material Safety Data Sheets, can be accessed as well.

OETech Offers Range of Urethanes
The OETech line of urethanes was designed to meet a variety of needs in today’s aftermarket installation. The adhesives are available in one-hour, high- and medium-viscosity, and high- modulus/low-conductivity formulations. The line includes OETech1, a high-modulus/low-conductive one-hour urethane; and OETech2, a three-hour high-viscosity urethane.

OETech1 and OETech2 are packaged in kits, including 24 tubes or sausages of urethane, one bottle of combo primer, urethane nozzles and batch stickers.

Dow Introduces Environmental Product
Dow Automotive Systems of Auburn Hills, Mich., has developed an environmentally friendly glass coating for transportation applications, including automotive original equipment, commercial vehicles and the aftermarket.

The new material, BETASEAL PhX, is cured by ultraviolet (UV) light and ambient moisture to form a durable coating with strong adhesion to glass and polyurethane adhesives without the use of primers. By utilizing the UV-curable coating, glass can be tempered or annealed with higher throughput, and the coating can be applied post-furnace, eliminating the necessity for ceramic enamel frit.

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