Volume 14, Issue 2 - March/April 2012

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SRP Introduces SRP Icon
The SRP Icon is the newest product from Shat R Proof Corp. of Savage, Minn. Introduced in late January, the SRP Icon is a high-viscosity adhesive with a high-modulus, low-conductive formula plus a 30-minute drive-away time down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit

“The SRP Icon is the outcome of an intensive product development cycle that started with a customer wish that ended up as a great product for everyone,” says Keith Beveridge, Sr., vice president of Shat R Proof Corp., in a release. “Once we got it into the field testing stage in late summer and through last winter, we knew we had a winner.”

The SRP Icon is available in both 310-milliliter cartridges and 600-ml sausage packs.

ContactPoint Markets LogMyCalls.com

ContactPoint LLC of St. George, Utah, has launched a public beta version of LogMyCalls.com for companies seeking optimized performance management in their sales and marketing efforts. ContactPoint is making the beta available to current LogMyCalls customers, partners, affiliates, resellers and the public.

LogMyCalls has the capability to score actual calls on specific, customizable criteria to measure call performance, according to a company release. Users can utilize pre-made scorecards or customize their own scorecards to measure anything from lead quality and customer service to sales performance and close rates. This allows businesses to manage and improve phone performance on any metric they choose, according to a company release.

With features including call searching, tagging, commenting and scoring, LogMyCalls unifies marketing and sales analytics to improve the effectiveness of both. It has all the standard call tracking capabilities marketers expect–a selection of local and toll-free phone numbers, website dynamic number insertion, full integration into popular CRM solutions and Google Analytics, flexible reports, and convenient data export–in an easy-to-use interface, according to the release. It also allows searchable call tagging and commenting, enabling users to group calls and analyze them.

AGI Introduces Installer Tool
The Auto Glass Installer (AGI) of Houma, La., has introduced the patent-pending Auto Glass Installer to install windshields and backlites in most automobiles and trucks with a tool designed to carry all the weight. The Auto Glass Installer is powered by 12 volts, designed with seven adjustments, wireless remote, all-aluminum construction, three-piece assembly and 2-minute setup. It comes with a retractable cord to power the unit and a storage rack that mounts in vehicles and takes up a 14-inch-by-20-inch area.

Nelson Glass Tools Offers New Remote Control
The new Glass Bot Lion from Nelson Glass Tools of Garden Valley, Calif., sports a newly designed variable-speed pistol grip remote control and new lithium ion battery. A built-in LED light illuminates the work area, and the battery charge indicator lights let you see how much charge is left, according to a company release. Compatible with all products in the M18 cordless tool system, red lithium battery packs provide long runtime, performance and durability. The system has 40 percent more run time, 20 percent more speed and 20 percent more torque than what NiCad batteries offered, according to a company release.

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Sika Corp. has introduced a mobile application that allows users to access its product catalog from mobile devices that work on an Android platform.

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