Volume 14, Issue 3 - May/June 2012

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Clearing Up That Cloudy?Day
by Carl Tompkins

There are few people I know who enjoy getting soaked in a rain storm, or having to be out in blizzard-like conditions. If we have to be outdoors, most of us would opt for calm, sunny conditions. Well, the same goes for business. Most everyone hopes to reside in a warm and sunny business environment rather than encountering those raging storms that seem to come all too often. This article is devoted to providing a series of specific steps that can be taken to clear up those cloudy, threatening days in the world of business.

1. First and foremost, choose your weather! There is no more powerful word provided to mankind than the word “choice.” The choices we make provide the greatest impact on how well or how poorly we experience life. There is not one professional counselor who doesn’t teach taking responsibility for one’s own circumstances. After all, life’s consequences are a result of the choices we make. Sadly so, we are all too often surrounded by people who blame everyone but themselves for the troubles they have. There is no possible remedy and no hope for improving weather when the “blame game” is all that is played. Choose to take responsibility and choose to be aggressively good in the actions you take. Choose to win. Choose to have the sun shine bright!

2. Choose good weather! Here we identify the need for a positive outlook and attitude. This revolves around the old adage of “the glass being half full or half empty.” The Biblical truth of expressing one’s thanks in all circumstances is an effective life lesson. Concentrate on and be thankful for the many things you do have rather than worrying about the few things you don’t. Choosing to have a great, happy, sunny day diminishes any threat from any outside stormy influence. People will flock to your side of the street, knowing very well how much better their day will be by associating with that type of attitude. Good health and wealth are most influenced by a great attitude!

3. Dress for the weather! You might find this rather surprising, but the more effort you put into preparing for the day, in terms of dress and grooming, the better your start, middle and finish for the day will be. You can easily prove this to yourself by simply considering how well the day goes when you don’t roll out of bed until 10, don’t brush your teeth, don’t shower or comb your hair, and remain in your sweats all day. Look sharp and you’ll not only feel better prepared for the day, you’ll be using a form of non-verbal communication to attract people to you and your business.

4. Get out and enjoy the weather! Get out from behind that stinking computer and do something! Quit staring at the phone hoping something good will happen! Quit looking out the window complaining about how bad things look! Go do something good for someone and watch what good things happen in return! Corporate laziness is sitting around waiting for a customer. Get out make new customers by meeting people, helping people, making friends, learning what help you can provide and then doing so, expecting nothing in return. This is “good works” and is what we have been designed to do as people, regardless of industry or business type. It is this theme of service that builds dynasties in business! In summary, take outside action every day to meet people, share your interest in serving them, pay them your thanks and provide them the support they need to have a sunny day! The byproduct is lots of profitable business.

5. Be a great weatherman! Phil Crosby, the great businessman and developer of the total quality management business process, once said, “People want to be winners, they just don’t have enough role models to follow.” Being a great weatherman is being a great role model for everyone to follow. Know how to have a positive effect on the weather of business and how to create a successful environment. Teach others how to achieve the same thing. Choose to lead rather than follow. Have the courage to step out and try new things, create new products, add new services and broadcast the news well. The most popular weatherman is the one who knows his stuff and is reliable in this forecast. Business conditions are as varied as the many types of weather we face. To ensure the very best forecast and outcome possible utilize these five tips and enjoy your tan!

Carl Tompkins is the global marketing resources manager for SIKA Corp. in Madison Heights, Mich., and the author of “Winning at Business.” He is based in Spokane, Wash.

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