Volume 14, Issue 3 - May/June 2012


Hot Off the Presses
AGRR Magazine™’s Third Annual New Products Guide

In the market for a new adhesive or moulding? Or are you looking to find a new tool to add to your shop? Browse our New Products Guide and see the selection available.

NordGlass Offers Aftermarket Product

NordGlass of Highland, Mich., provides glass for more than 1,500 popular vehicles in Europe and North America. It processes orders for car glass in both mass production and short series, for niche or prototype models. All the company’s products are produced in Poland. The products meet the requirements of the original equipment manufacturing (OEM), and are compatible with OEM standards, both in terms of materials and structures and technological processes, according to the company.

Improved edge quality and the technology of forming sheets help NordGlass products to pass endurance testing under extreme thermal conditions and water tests to control the quality of bending and testing for sclerometric hardness, according to the company.

The glass can be heated either over the entire surface by using a network of ultra-thin tungsten wire, or by specific location in the wiper rest position. Car glazing can be equipped with antennas in the form of copper wire, laminated between glass layers, as well as silver-coated printing. The windshields come with properties of reflective solar radiation; brackets and optical components of rain and dusk sensors; and factory-fitted edging and seals made of plastics.

CPI Markets Rearview Mirror Systems

Clean Plus Inc. (CPI) of West Concord, Minn., introduces “Stick-It!,” a two-part rearview mirror adhesive system. The system features a simple brush-in-cap system, which puts the primer right where needed. Additionally, each kit is packed in a handy clam shell designed to keep the kit clean and organized.

GTS Brings Android Application

GTS of Portland Ore., has released the LX – Mobile, an Android application for mobile technicians of automotive replacement glass retailers. It provides paperless dispatching, schedule change notifications, Google maps access, real-time progress monitoring, field data capture and credit card processing capabilities.

New Product Finder from Sika
Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., has made its product finder available in the Android store. This tool allows users to access all Sika product catalogs worldwide from mobile devices running on Android. Further information, like product or material safety data sheets, can be accessed as well.

FlexLine’s All-Weather Product Comes to U.S.
FlexLine of Yih-Tair Industrial Inc. in San Antonio, Texas, offers a universal rubber moulding that remains flexible in cold weather conditions, is easy to install and comes in convenient packaging. The product, which comes in 75-foot rolls, currently is being introduced in the U.S.

Replacement Pads
GGG Introduces Replacement Pads

Gold Glass Group of Bohemia, N.Y., is adding to its line of SensorTack Ready Pads. These ready-to-go silicone replacement pads are an alternative to the OE spare part, according to the company. SensorTack Ready Pads, made of silicone, are designed to work well in all temperature conditions, especially in the cold. Their surface is non-adhesive and can be applied easily.

Kurgo Offers Pet Safety Product

The Car Door Guard from Kurgo in Salisbury, Md., protects car door interiors from scratches, dirt, mud and slobber from pets. The guard fits to large and small vehicle door panels and includes a large interior pocket for storing Fido’s traveling necessities. Available in black and khaki, the Car Door Guard attaches with tabs that slide between windows and door panels and allows pets to take in the window view without leaving paw prints behind. The guards also are machine-washable.

Sunroof Switch
Webasto Markets New Switch

Fenton, Mich.-based Webasto Product North America’s (WPNA) aftermarket sunroof division brings to market a new switch to the Hollandia 700-II Sunroof series. The switch is available in three colors for the Comfort model; black, gray and beige with a chrome trim complementing the matching sliding sunshade. For the Hollandia 700-II Entry model, Webasto offers an all-black switch with the same quality and factory finish.

Along with the customized application appearance, the new switch illuminates in four selectable colors. The new Hollandia 700-II switch also features soft touch that allows for single-touch operation.

The new switch is available on any size Hollandia 700-II sunroof, exclusively through Webasto’s network of authorized installers.

Repair Systems
Equalizer Brings Repair System

Equalizer of Round Rock, Texas, offers Rock Star Repair Systems—standard and deluxe—designed to achieve a strong and clear repair and quick performance. The exclusive bridge and stainless steel injector assembly are durable and will last for years. The combination vacuum/pressure design allows for quick and easy alternation between vacuum and pressure cycles. The injector also features a one-step resin filling port by just simply removing the plunger rod. This vertical filling port feature allows this system to be used on motor homes, buses and 18-wheelers.

While the Rock Star systems are easy to operate, company officials say they still allow flexibility of operation for professionals who want to “tweak” the system. The specially formulated pit resin is designed to be fast-wicking and produce optical clarity and strength. The system creates a powerful bond to the glass surface, but is easy to scrape off the excess and then polish with Equalizer’s exclusive non-abrasive pit polish.

GlasWeld Introduces Essentials Series
GlasWeld of Bend, Ore., recently introduced its Essentials Series of products for windshield repair, headlight restoration and glass scratch removal.

Three Essentials Series products were introduced: windshield repair, glass scratch removal and headlight restoration.

Each Essentials system contains all the equipment a technician needs to perform professional repairs at a price point that makes sense. All systems are supported with a line of additional accessories enabling a technician to increase the company’s training program, available in operational manuals, DVD, online training platform, and in person.

Ultra Bond Markets New Injector
Ultra Bond of Grand Junction, Colo., offers the Ultra Bond Quick-Turn Injector for stone break repair. Break types such as the combination break, radiating crack, partial bullseye, bullseye, most stars with a bullseye and the beeswing type breaks can be completely filled in 60 seconds or less, according to the company. Stars without a good bullseye and combination breaks with extended legs can take extra time. It holds enough resin for about eight to ten repairs without re-loading. The injector can be used at carwashes the repair can be made while the vehicle is being vacuumed. It fits any holding structure with ½ inch by 20 threads.

New Glass-Setting Machine Now Available
The Auto Glass Installer of Houma, La., offers a new device that allows one person to install a windshield or backlite. It can be set up onsite in less than two minutes and is operated by a wireless remote control, which lets the installer walk around the vehicle to inspect the glass before final setting. The device can carry a glass weight of up to 75 pounds and comes with a rechargeable battery pack and a storage rack that takes up to 14 inches by 20 inches of floor space.

BTB Releases Battery-Powered Removal Tool
BTB Tools of Australia has released a battery-powered version of its air-powered WK10HD auto glass removal tool. The patented batter-powered E-Tool is a portable solution for mobile glass technicians and encompasses the same operation, power, performance, precision and versatility as the patented WK10HD air-powered tool. To maintain the small size of the BTB air tool, the battery is attached via a remote cord to a battery bag, worn over the shoulder, on a belt or placed on the floor.

Crystal Glass Presents the Hornet
Crystal Glass of Edmonton, Alberta, offers the Hornet. Company officials say it has the same quality, power and dependability of Crystal’s Extractor, and can cut the glazing and back bedding of commercial and residential glazing.

The Hornet kit includes one 28-volt lithium ion battery, a 100- to 240-volt battery charger, two delta blades, plastic tool box/carry case, video, safety glasses and plastic water bottle.

Induction Innovations Markets Glass Blaster
Elgin, Ill.-based Induction Innovations Inc. introduces the Inductor Glass Blaster, a windshield removal tool that removes glass with no collateral damage, according to a company release. Other uses include: SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bedliners. It also features ergonomic gripping, tapered edges so the magnetic fields can get even closer to the pinchweld on wider glass mouldings and a high mounted strain relief to avoid interference with adjacent panels.

Insta Etch Offers Marking System
Based on its patented glass-etching process, the new Insta Etch2000 marking system from Insta Etch LLC in Gilbert, Ariz., utilizes a smart phone application and a high-volume blue tooth stencil printer to permanently etch glass with speed and ease. The simple app interface is used to custom design and print thousands of glass etching stencils and even to scan and verify VINs. Now technicians can offer dealerships and car owners these anti-theft marks to provide a value-added service, “brand” shop installs with phone or logo info for repeat business, and even bill insurance and networks for pre-existing “VIN-etch” security marks, all the while mobile and in the field. An easy and profitable add-on, all Insta Etch systems require virtually no setup or training and ship complete with a wireless printer and marking supplies.

Meritool Adds to Its Dispenser Lineup
Meritool LLC of Ellicottville, N.Y., introduces the PowerPush 5000 Series dispenser and the PowerPush 7500 Series tool. The dispenser is designed, assembled and tested in the U.S. Available in 10-ounce cartridge, 300- and 600-millileter sausage sizes, the design features a variable speed trigger, reversible drive rod, one-finger speed control, one-hour charger, environmentally friendly 14.4-volt NiMH battery pack, overmold comfort grip, and a high output drive designed for automotive urethanes. The clear barrel 300- and 600-ml systems are lightweight, durable and OEM-approved, according to the company.

The PowerPush 7500 Series tool is a lightweight, cordless, electric handheld dispenser for 50-ml cartridges. This durable tool makes dispensing two-component adhesives smooth and effortless. As a replacement option to the manual applicator, the PowerPush 7500 reduces the user’s risk of work related musculoskeletal disorders, according to the company.

Nelson Glass Releases Glass Bot Accessories
Nelson Glass Tools of Garden Valley, Calif., has released its latest additions to the Glass Bot accessories. The Soft Steel Cutting Element is an alternative to the metal wire used for auto glass removal. It is four times stronger than steel but feels like a soft cotton yarn, according to the company. The Soft Steel Cutting Element is woven with high-strength cordage that is strong, with minimal stretch, and is reusable. The material does not offer a rigid surface and consequently, reduces or eliminates the potential for paint, body, trim or moulding damage.

The company also has developed a smaller footprint Glass Bot for quarter lite removal. The new Glass Bot Lite uses anchor/pulley cups to guide the Soft Steel Cutting Element, and a cordless drill to operate the winding function. It tightens the Soft Steel Cutting Element to sever the adhesive and release the part without damage.

UltraWiz Offers New Blade
UltraWiz Tools introduces a blade with a thin serrated edge that extends all the way to the tip and can be re-sharpened. A center rib at the bend of the serrated blade adds extra strength. Instead of a sawing motion the serrated points of these blades pierce the urethane as it is pulled and allow lubrication to get into the cut, thereby making it easier to pull, according to the company. The blade comes in three sizes: the 6901-M with ¾-inch cut length; 6902-M with 1-inch cut length; 6904-M with 1½-inches cut length.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Presents Handi-Grips
Handi-Grip hand-held vacuum cups from Wood’s Powr-Grip of Laurel, Mont., are ideal for lifting automotive windshields, sidelites and backlites. These vacuum cups with Handi-Grip handles are ergonomically designed to provide easy handling and maximum load control, according to the company. With a choice of vacuum pads suited for maximum grip on curved or flat glass, these industrial-strength vacuum cups are now available in pairs with a new double carrying case.

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