Volume 14, Issue 6 - November/December 2012

A+ Add-Ons
Products that Bring Profit to AGRR Companies
Looking to add to your skill set or expand your business? The expertise you’ve gained in windshield repair and/or replacement standards can be applied to taking up additional auto trades that require an extra degree of finesse. Over the next few pages, you’ll find a few of the latest tools that can help you get started on a lucrative new path. (For more ideas, be sure to learn about how to expand your scratch repair business with the article on page 20.)

Paintless Dent Repair Tools
Glass technicians with the patience for working out a chip may want to learn more about paintless dent repair (PDR), a practice of removing dents and dings from a car’s exterior without disturbing the finish. A number of specialized tools exist for applying pressure to the backside of the panel to remove surface imperfections from small dings to large dents. Other tools allow a tech to bond a "tab" or other device to the exterior of the panel and pull the dent out from the exterior. Read on for a sampling of the tools available to get you started in this field.

Dentcraft Offers Strong Tools in a Set
Dentcraft Tools L.P. in Oklahoma City, Okla., offers a 16-piece starter PDR sets for technicians new to this process; a 38-piece tech set full of the most commonly used tools for removing minor dents, dings and hail damage from automobiles; and a 72-piece flagship tool set. The manufacturer reports that its tools balance strength and ergonomics to satisfy any tech’s needs. The tools’ high strength-to-size ratio is the result of using high carbon, hard-tempered spring steel. Color-coded handles allow for quick identification among varied size and length tools.

The company provides a lifetime guarantee against breakage on any PDR tool it makes with a ?/16-inch diameter or larger.

Ultra Dent Stocks Answers to PDR Questions
Riverside, Calif.-based Ultra Dent Tools sets out to offer everything a technician needs to get started in PDR. From stainless and spring steel tools in kit sizes ranging from four to 40 pieces, to software for job tracking and training to get started, this company is aiming to answer all of techs’ questions about PDR. For the savvier technician, this company says it can manufacture any custom tool to its customers’ specs.

The manufacturer’s tools are available through Hail USA.

Manufacturer Highlights New Designs for Quality PDR
With the introduction of 2013 vehicles, Quality PDR Tools in Newport Beach, Calif., has likewise introduced new designs in its PDR tools. All of the company’s PDR tools are designed by its own team of PDR techs, and are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to provide complete vehicle access. The manufacturer says its tool tips have been tapered and configured to allow for repair to any type of damage on any kind of vehicle. The stainless steel tools are ergonomically crafted, color coordinated and guaranteed for life.

A-1 Manufactures Onsite for Quick Tool Turnaround
Through its A-1 Machine Division, A-1 Tool Inc. manufactures its hand tools and rods as well as DentMasters, slide hammers, knockdown hammers and other tools and accessories on site in Bolivar, Mo. The manufacturer says it uses only the highest quality steel available to produce more than 400 standard—and custom—PDR tools.

With 15,000 tools in inventory, the company is able to ship standard tool orders within 24 hours.

Protect Your Dent Tools with PDQ’s Latest
For getting the specialty tools needed to massage the minor dents and dings in sheet metal back to its original shape, PDQ Tools in Stilwell, Kan., offers plenty of variety—including tools for protecting your PDR tools. For example, the company’s latest, CP-VCAPS, safeguards tools from scratching and high spots. These colorful vinyl caps are available in seven sizes. The D-WG01 is a thin and durable sheet of molded Lexan designed for scratch protection when working down the window.

The company provides a wide variety of knock-down and glue-pulling equipment, practical items such as seats and tool storage, and training materials for the new PDR technician.

Airbag Repair
Glass professionals know that the windshield is a critical safety device; with that focus on safety, some may want to take a look at airbag repair. Suppliers are helping technicians to install OEM, never-deployed airbags for a variety of makes and models. With the right scan tools, a tech can reset the airbag’s computer module as well, getting the customer back on the road quickly and safely.

Get Fast Access to Any Airbag
Dallas-based Airbags-OEM.com reports that it has immediate access to more than 5,000 auto airbags and secondary access to more than 25,000 additional automobile air bags through its partner program. The manufacturer offers all makes and models of never-deployed car air bags and airbags for trucks. Technicians can get the complete airbag system, airbag module, airbag cover or the airbag alone.

In addition, the company says it can help repair blown airbag computer modules.

Bilingual OBD II Scan Tool Reads Airbag Codes
OTC in Owatonna, Minn., says techs can take the guesswork out of airbag repairs with the 9450 OBD II scan tool and code reader. The tool was designed to diagnose the SRS airbag malfunction indicator lights, as well as the check engine and ABS lights, quickly and accurately. The scan tool can read, display and erase airbag codes and definitions for most domestic vehicles made between 1996 and 2008, and can be updated online for newer models. It includes a code library feature and retains the most recent vehicle scan. The tool also features optional battery power for saving data, a detachable cable and an easy to read backlit display.

Paint Protection
Auto glass techs who have covered a vehicle in the past to protect it from scratches during the repair and/or replacement process already know how much stock some car owners put into protecting their paint job. Why not take that a step further by learning to apply a clear paint protection film that can protect a vehicle’s most common chip-prone surfaces?

ClearMask Supplies Film and Application Supplies
According to ClearMask in Trinidad, Texas, a squeegee for removing application liquids is only one part of the tools a professional needs to apply paint protection film. For techs looking to branch out in this area, this company provides a kit that includes all the tools needed to get started, as well as the film. In the kit are two 32-ounce spray bottles with professional spray heads designed to deliver the volume of liquids required to prevent the adhesive from being damaged; a professional quality squeegee with the proper durometer to apply thin urethane films without marring; a hard card for insuring the film edge is sealed to prevent edge peeling and dirt contamination; a sharp snap-off blade razor type knife for minor trimming; and a professional installation CD and written instructions.

Paint Protection Reaches the Nano Level
Among the paint protection films offered by Pro-Tect Film in Las Vegas is the Nano-Fusion Protection from Avery Dennison, a patent-pending clear paint protection film technology that protects against stones, bug acid, winter salt, sand, minor impacts, road debris, scratches and more. This clear film provides a barrier for paint's surface against harsh, environmental elements and everyday wear. The supplier says this flexible, clear film is easily installed and provides strong resistance to discoloration and cracking caused by UV. Precision computer-cut designs are available, as is a limited lifetime warranty.

Get Started in Paint Protection
San Antonio, Texas-based XPel Technologies Corp. offers two ways to get technicians started in the paint protection arena. The first option allows for the purchase of pre-cut paint protection film to be shipped to the technician, while the second option involves the use of the company’s Design Access Program (DAP) software and a supply of the company’s film for manufacturing kits at the user’s location “on demand, in real-time,” as the manufacturer says. Either way, the company is able to supply installation training as well, and the tools needed to get started applying this new product.

Thin Film Designed for DIY or Pro Install
The Rshield paint protection film wrap from New York-based Rvinyl.com Inc. is a universal sheet that can be trimmed to fit just about any car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, the manufacturer reports. The 4-mil thick heat conformable paint protection film is thinner than comparable products as it’s geared as much to the DIY installer as the professional technician, making it suitable for windshield technicians just coming into this area. The clear film can be applied to a car's hood, bumper, fenders, pillars, trunk and roof to provide protection from sand, debris, weather and salt.

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