Volume 14, Issue 6 - November/December 2012

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Equalizer® Launches 20 Volt Camo Power Tool

Equalizer® has launched an all-new, cordless powered auto glass removal tool, the Equalizer® Ambush™. This powerful new tool features a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that slides securely into the tool.

The manufacturer says its camouflage tool has a smaller frame than other powered removal tools so that the user can get into those tight spaces and work around A-pillars, dashes and rooflines easier. The Ambush™ also comes standard with Equalizer® Hydroblade™ technology that hold water onto the surface of the blade to reduce drag while cutting, making cutting through tough urethane easier than ever.

Soft, Flexible Spider Makes for Efficient Removal
Glass WRD has introduced the WRD Spider 001S fiber line removal device. The device was designed for safe and efficient auto glass removal. According to the manufacturer, the compact design makes the device easy to set-up and handle. It operates with a cordless drill.

The WRD Spider high-tensile strength cutting line can be used for multiple removals. It is soft and flexible, in order to eliminate the potential for damage to the interior and exterior of the motor vehicle.

Glass Technology’s Latest Tool Strips Glass Quick
Glass Technology Inc. designed its Stripper™ to make the windshield removal technician’s job easier than ever, while reducing the potential for damage to the vehicle. The Stripper™ uses the company’s standard steel wire or its proprietary ZipLine™ reusable cutting cord while incorporating a unique pulley system that allows for speedy glass removal. The manufacturer says its tool prevents unnecessary damage caused by standard blades and knives, and is perfect for vehicles with limited or no molding.

A.N. Offers Options
A.N. Designs Inc. offers plenty of options when it comes to blades. The company’s UltraThin blade comes in 5006-M with 2-inch cut size. Where the 1 ½-inch XL blade doesn’t fit, this 2-inch UltraThin XXL works in small areas of thick urethane that needs to be accessed from the outside. A lever knife can be attached to the blade.

The interior blade comes in 5502-M with 1-inch cut length. Due to the increased use of the Ram/Dakota interior blades for quarter glass removal and other interior needs, the company added a 1-inch cut length. The added length gives the technician additional options with interior quarter glass removals, according to information from the company.

The long knife comes in 4024-L with 24 inches cut length, and works well on extra deep dashboards.

Dinitrol Adhesive Applied Direct to Glass

Dinol explains that its Dinitrol Direct is a one component, cold-applied, non-conductive urethane adhesive system that can be applied to glass without primer. The high viscosity urethane adhesive reportedly is fast curing with high elasticity and strength.

New Urethanes Speed Windshield Installation
The Icon urethane adhesive from SRP offers a 30-minute crash test validated drive away times down to 0° Fahrenheit. The SRP Icon is also rated high modulous and low conductive; the high modulus formula adds torsional stiffness to the vehicle and helps protect embedded electronics.

For technicians looking to go primerless, the Edge urethane adhesive is a cold-applied one part that can be used with or without a glass primer.

GGG Adds to its Line of SensorTack Pads

Gold Glass Group of Bohemia, N.Y., is adding to its line of SensorTack Ready Pads. These ready-to-go silicone replacement pads are an alternative to the OE spare part, according to company information. SensorTack Ready Pads work well in all temperature conditions, especially in the cold. Their surface is non-adhesive and can be applied easily.

Burco Makes Mirror Replacement a Breeze

The Redi-Set-Go® replacement mirrors from Burco Inc. feature a pre-applied motor mount designed to make installation a snap. The manufacturer says that every shape, radius and feature is an exact match to the OEM mirror. More than 4,500 vehicle-specific mirrors are available, from high bend convex, blue glass to heated-signal.

Marcy Keeps It Universal Even around Tight Corners
Marcy Adhesives says that its mouldings fit snug around corners, and will not roll off edges, begin to notch or have the cap curl up even when fitted around those tight corners. Produced with a new blend of synthetic rubber and a unique channel design, these mouldings remain flexible in cold weather, and will not fade, shrink or crack. The product is available with or without butyl, and in eight different profiles.

Sika Reformats Its Safe-Drive-Away-Time Chart

Sika Corp. has issued a reformatted safe-drive-away-time (SDAT) chart that is more easily readable than previous versions, and reflects the company’s current line of AGR products.

This new chart reflects the SDAT for each Sikaflex® and SikaTack® AGR product that is currently available. These include both hot-applied and cold-applied products, as well as additional information on the importance of “No Shortcuts to Safety.” Separate SDAT charts for SikaTITAN® products are available to determine SDAT of these primerless products.

In addition, the company has launched two product literature pieces for its transportation OEM and appliance and components markets. The brochures include the company’s portfolio of sealant and adhesive technologies, general application solutions for sealing and bonding by sub-market segments, as well as additional product technical data information.

Meritool Adds to Its PowerPush Line
Meritool is now making available its PowerPush 5000® for dispensing 10 ounce cartridges and 300-, 400- and 600-ml sausage sizes. The cordless dispensing product includes a 14.4 volt environmentally friendly NiMH battery and 120 volt AC charger with cord; the sausage dispenser also comes with two of the company’s SuperPistons™.

Pro Packs Makes Windshield Repair More Mobile

Delta Kits Inc. has introduced the new On-the-Go Pro Pack. The carryall was designed to provide windshield repair technicians with streamlined mobile storage for their tools and supplies. The Pro Pack comes equipped with 11 individual pouches to hold bridges, resins, injectors, drills and various other accessories securely in place. Inside the central pocket of the Pro Pack are four elastic bands that can be used to hold pens, extra injectors, scribes and other small tools. In addition to providing convenience, the Pro Pack can be customized; the assorted pouches and elastic bands can hold windshield repair tools and accessories in a near-limitless array of configurations. This gives technicians the freedom to organize tools to their preference.

The Pro Pack is made of rugged water-resistant material, and the pockets are sewn tight to prevent tool slippage. Using a strong spring-steel clip, the Pro Pack is quickly attached and detached from the technician’s belt or, for a more secure option, the extra wide belt loop slips over belts of any size. The spacious storage capacity eliminates the need for heavy tool boxes and large tool caddies.

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