Volume 14, Issue 6 - November/December 2012

WGR Reports
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Workers’ Comp Class for Repair Debated

The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) is working to educate workers insurance industry about proper workers’ compensation classification for windshield repair technicians.

The NWRA has received reports that the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) is classifying technicians engaged only in repair under the same classification as those who replace auto glass or do auto repair work. However, the NWRA argues that the risk of injury is almost non-existent for those engaged only in the repair of windshields. The NWRA is asking that the NCCI develop a separate classification for those auto glass technicians who engage only in repair and do not replace auto glass.

“The NWRA values the safety of its members and the people they employ above all else. But the current classification does not make allowances for two groups of people who do very different types of work and have very different levels of liability,” said the association in a letter to the NCCI.

The NCCI responded and agreed with the NWRA about the principle of difference between repair and replacement. At this point, however, the group doesn’t have enough information to make a change.

The NWRA is asking all members to pull local rates for their workers’ compensation rates and classifications and send them to Janeen Mulligan at jmulligan@nwrassn.org.

New Architectural Scratch Removal Committee Formed
The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) has formed a new committee to develop an ANSI Standard for Scratch and Damage Repair of Architectural Glass (SSDRAG).

The goal of the new standard, according to information from the association, is to ensure that the highest level of service and quality, as well as the proper methodology, is being provided in the scratch and/or damage repair of architectural glass.

The Committee currently is seeking companies and individuals interested in serving as members to develop the new standard in accordance with the policies and procedures of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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