Volume 14, Issue 5 - September/October 2012

The Next Best Thing
Windshield Repair Product Spotlight

Looking for the next best tool to make your windshield repair better and faster? Then check out our auto glass repair tool spotlight for what may be the next addition to your windshield repair toolbox.

Glass Technology Promotes Consistent Repairs
Glass Technology Inc. windshield repair equipment now incorporates patented “dry vacuum PRISM technology,” which allows for a complete injection of windshield repair resin into any break for a more consistent repair.

In conjunction with the advancements to windshield repair injection designs and methods, the company has developed a patent-pending Diamond BluWave curing technology that utilizes UV LED curing for windshield repair. This new design requires no external power source and provides a high-intensity cure resulting in a strong bond between the windshield repair resin and the glass. The new design allows for 360 degrees of the repair to be cured under pressure, which the manufacturer says holds the windshield repair resin in the break extremities while it is being cured.

Use a Bur with Low Vibration
Diatech uses proprietary technology to produce burs from a single piece. The company’s manufacturer representatives say that this is the reason the company’s carbide burs provide precision concentricity and little vibration. When combined with the company’s long instrument life, the result can be savings in time and money.

Save Resin with New Crackmaster
Representatives with Ultra Bond say that its tools for stone damage repair are fast, easy and effective because the designer has repaired windshields for 26 years. The latest, the Crackmaster Tool, is not only a fast, semi-automatic repair tool, but is cost-effective as it does not waste a single drop of resin. As some tools waste resin when they have to be re-loaded after each repair, this stainless steel injector has 27 inches hg of vacuum and holds enough resin to do eight to ten repairs without reloading. Technicians can go directly from one repair to the next using the same tool. The Crackmaster repairs 70 percent of breaks in less than 60 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

The company also offers the Star Flexor tool for hands-free flexing of stubborn legs and the Rain Proof Additive for rainy days.

New QuickSilver Dispensers Save Time, Reduce Waste
Now available from AEGIS Tools International is a four-pack of the company’s QuickSilver? resin filling dispensers. This helpful delivery system allows technicians to better control the amount of windshield resin used in rock-chip fixes. Once the tech becomes familiar with the amount of resin typically used in these repairs, these dispensers can save money by reducing waste.

Repair Kits Help Techs Rev Their Businesses
Like its namesake, the Daytona auto glass repair system from Glass Mechanix was designed to give glass repair professionals performance and speed. It includes a precise and adjustable bridge and two-stage resin injector technology that delivers twice the vacuum and uses half the resin of screw-thread injectors. Kits are available ranging from basic chip and crack repair to more advanced ones.

The company also offers its more economical Rally windshield kit and its original Sprint auto glass repair system, which includes all of the standard equipment needed for an individual operator to complete windshield repairs.

Delta Kits Gives Techs a Flexible Hand
The new Scorpion from Delta Kits is a multi-purpose tool designed to give technicians an extra set of hands while completing a windshield repair. The flex tool fixes firmly to the glass using a vacuum cup and stainless steel components, and the flexible dual arm design holds multiple accessories. The Scorpion’s design also allows the user to change attachments in seconds without the use of extra tools.

The Scorpion will hold UV lights of nearly any size and shape above the glass, eliminating the need for suction cups. It even holds the largest long crack lights in any desired position. Hair dryers for warming the glass, UV shields, various sizes of flashlights and other tools can be attached using one of the Scorpion’s multi-purpose attachment plates.

The company also offers the B250 Windshield Repair Bridge, which company representatives say is extremely easy to use and maintain. The combination of stainless steel and composite parts are designed for durability. The solid structure of the bridge is complemented by the company’s spring-loaded injector for speed and efficiency.

Each B250 Bridge comes with a training DVD featuring step-by-step instructions, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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