Volume 14, Issue 5 - September/October 2012

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The Lion Allows for Variable Speed Cutting

Nelson Glass Tools has released an upgrade to its Glass Bot™ Lion, a vacuum pad mounted motor system that winds windshield wire under high tension to cut through urethane. The tool features a variable speed pistol grip remote control with lithium ion batteries.

The remote control was designed to provide precise control over the cutting speed, from a gentle tug in the corners, to “full speed ahead” up A-pillars and across roof lines where the urethane is easier to cut. The remote can be retrofitted to existing Glass Bots.

In addition, the lithium ion battery at the base of the remote control offers 40-percent longer run time, 20-percent more speed and 20-percent more torque over the original NiCad battery mount system. It also offers up to 50-percent more recharges over the life of the battery.

Reusable ZipLine Eliminates Auto Scratches
The ZipLine from Glass Technology Inc. was designed to improve the cutting results of any auto glass wire cutting system. The material was designed to eliminate auto body scratching that occurs when using standard steel or braided wire. In conjunction with its anti-scratch qualities, ZipLine features an abrasion-resistant technology that offers auto glass technicians a reusable auto glass removal line.

According to the manufacturer, the system also features a "no load under stress" reaction to line breakage; if the line breaks, it will not retract, spin or coil the way steel and braided wires do.

New Extractor Makes a Buzz
Crystal Glass says it supplies the “original wide blade cut out tool.” From the original Extractor EXT-PRO2 pneumatic, to the lightweight electric EXT-PROE, or the versatility of the 28-volt cordless EXT-PROV28, the company offers Extractor tools for quick, efficient and safe auto glass removal. The latest offering, the EXT-LI28 “Hornet,” is powered by a 28-volt lithium ion battery, and features a top speed in excess of 3,000 strokes per minute. The Hornet was designed to improve productivity, efficiency and the bottom line.

Reid Provides New Paint Protection
The Reid Manufacturing paint protector strip is made from a durable strip of low friction polyethylene. Its 12-inch length is easily placed in the pinchweld, without the need for braces, suction cups or fasteners. Techs simply place the strip between the cutout blade and the pinchweld and slide it along as they cut. The paint protector conforms to the curves at the base and top of the windshield where damage is most prone to occur.

Collapsible Cart Saves Space and Money
The Rack Ranch has been building racks and carts for the glass industry since 1999, and since then its most popular and biggest seller has remained its picker cart. Company representatives say this cart is unique because it breaks down, thereby greatly reducing freight costs. The collapsible cart can be stacked seven high on a pallet. Each caster is attached with one bolt, and the cart is assembled with four bolts.

Get a Grip with These Vacuum Cups
The LJ6VH handheld vacuum cup from Wood’s Powr Grip was designed to provide more comfortable hand placement when compared to ordinary handles. The large-volume pump of this hand cup permits quick attachment on both curved and flat glass surfaces. A rigid, vertical handle provides support for easy glass positioning, while a non-slip grip holds the glass securely at any angle. To limit unexpected pop-off, a red-line indicator on the pump visually warns the user in case of vacuum loss, and a special check valve allows repumping without the need to reattach the cup. Lift tabs on the vacuum pad provide instant release, and each cup is supplied with a protective pad cover.

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