Volume 15, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

Field of Vision
from the editor

An Abyss of Technology
by Kaitlan Mitchell

As I write this editor’s column, my computer mouse has transformed itself into a tiny, rapidly spinning pinwheel – the international symbol of patience while waiting for a web page to load.

As a society we are constantly plugging-in, syncing-up and logging-on. With this dense immersion of technology surrounding every facet of our lives, it is particularly amazing we have not begun to sprout wires from our earlobes. And keeping with the times, the ever-advancing world of electronics continues to creep into the AGRR field with the latest industry installments creating a plethora of possibilities.

Ugh, the pinwheel is still in motion; the page appears to be halfway done loading.

Take the evolution of windshields for instance, whose developement we delve into on page 20. Will more training be needed to install a self-wiping one? Will the thickness of the windshield increase with the implementation of “augmented reality?” With the incorporation of new industry technology, windshield technicians need to evaluate how their roles must adapt.

Insert the drum roll of tapping fingers.

Technology it seems, aggravates impatience because everything, from our email to the directions of the closest greasy burger joint, is within reach at all times. This desire for rapid results has transitioned into, “I want my windshield repaired five minutes before the chip even appeared.” To meet the demand by our customers for instantaneity, all those in the AGRR industry should explore the advantages of new software programs. Check out our software savvy section on page 28 to scope out programs that have the potential to speed up production.

But it is not so cut and dry. Take a topic I’m currently researching for example. Two-man set windshield projects can either be done by hand or by a machine. Utilization of the equipment may decrease technician injuries but using two installers to place the windshields may improve placement accuracy because two pairs of eyes inspect the work. And how about the financial implications of each?

What do you think? Please contact me at kmitchell@glass.com with your thoughts. Of course there are pros and cons to both techniques but one thing is for certain, technology is a game changer.

I’m positive the horse and buggies from my hometown in Lancaster, PA. move faster than this web page is taking to load.

In the meantime, I’ll keep being proactive and chip away at yet another project. All of this change can be overwhelming but embracing industry technology with a dash of levity and heaps of patience can prove to be not only beneficial, but vital.

And what do you know; the pinwheel has vanished. Download complete.

Kaitlan Mitchell is the editor of AGRR™ magazine. Follow her on Twitter @agrrmagazine and “like” AGRR magazine on Facebook to receive the latest updates.

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