Volume 15, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

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Glasstech Goes External

Glasstech’s new external press bending system (EPB-L) for annealing automotive windshield glass was designed to satisfy the original equipment manufacturer demand for tight surface tolerances with optical quality, while also meeting the glass processor’s need for productivity, economical tooling and energy conservation. The EPB-L is part of a family of systems, which includes the EPB-T-SS, that forms and tempers a single-stream of sidelites, and the EPB-T-DS, which forms and tempers a single backlite or a dual stream of sidelites.

Try Gel Clings as Sun Shades
The patent-pending Window Sun Blox Gel Clings, invented by Beverly Konoian of Whittier, Calif., is a line of tinted gel films designed to function as removable sun shades on auto glass. The clings are produced and marketed in multi-unit packs. The individual gel films come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to adhere to auto glass by static cling, so that drivers and passengers can move them on the windshield as needed. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and degrees of tint. Various characters are available, as well as certain licensing characters or logos, according to corporate permission. yyä www.inventionpublicity.com

Keeping Noise Down
Carlite’s SoundScreen® noise-reducing acoustic glass is now available for a number of 2013 models, including the Ford Escape, Flex, Lincoln MKS and MKT and Taurus. SoundScreen acoustic windshield is made with a sound-absorbent PVB interlayer that the manufacturer says reduces noise levels by as much as 6dB between 1500Hz and 5000Hz, and 2 to 3dB overall, which allows conversation and audio to be heard more clearly.

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