Volume 15, Issue 2 - March/April 2013

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Rain, Rain Go Away

Ultrabond has recently introduced Rain Resin, a waterproof windshield repair resin. According to the company, Rain Resin eliminates the time-consuming job of drying out the break with electricity or risking crack-out with a heat gun, blow dryer, DryStar, cigarette lighters and other heating elements that require electricity.

Per company literature, the resin will absorb and dissipate water and the amount used is proportionate to the amount of water in the break.

The company is marketing the product as allowing techs to perform repairs “even in the rain or snow” and notes that techs “no longer have to re-schedule or lose another job due to Mother Nature.”

Riding the Wave
Glass Technology Inc. has received a U.S. patent for its BluWave Ultraviolet LED curing system engineered for windshield repair. According to the company, BluWave is capable of curing around the entire break from one position without removing the windshield repair injector from the glass. This allows for fast, strong, convenient and efficient curing of windshield repair resins. The BluWave integrates into any of the company’s windshield repair injector systems and can be modified for use with many other industry injectors also allowing for a complete cure under pressure without adding additional equipment to the windshield. Running on its own rechargeable power, the BluWave does not require the technician to plug into a power source for the curing step. In addition to having the curing light integrated with the repair equipment, Glass Technology says the BluWave has faster curing times as compared to the standard lower-intensity 12-volt fluorescent lights used within the repair industry. The BluWave is also designed with a clear view of the work area so the repair may still be observed throughout the repair process.

Get the Essentials
GlasWeld has recently rolled out its “Essential Windshield Repair Kit,” containing what it says is all the equipment a technician needs to perform professional windshield repairs at a reasonable price point. Created for technicians new to the repair industry, the kit is supported with a full line of accessories enabling technicians to increase capabilities at their individual paces. The company also offers a training program available via online training, operational manuals, DVD and in person at the company’s world headquarters in Bend, Ore.

Total Shop Management Tool
The Independent Glass Association (IGA), in conjunction with eDirectGlass, has released a new tool called MyGlassClaim. This service—described by both parties as an “industry first”—is fully integrated with the IGA Total Shop Management (TSM) program, which is an included membership benefit.

MyGlassClaim allows automotive glass retailers to provide customers with an electronic sales order in which the service request can be reviewed along with the retailer’s terms and conditions. Once the terms and conditions are accepted, the customer electronically signs the sales order and it is automatically transmitted to the necessary parties, including the insurance company, third-party administrator (network) and the ClaimHarbor system. This allows the customer to be electronically included in the claim reporting process. According to an IGA statement, retailers gain the security of having a fully executed agreement with their customer, eliminating the fear of potential steering or unwarranted inspections by the network or insurance company.

IGA TSM is available in different versions and a Quote Only edition is part of the IGA membership at no additional cost. Other versions are available to members via subscription rates. All versions include MyGlassClaim with no additional fees.

The IGA TSM system is a blend of point-of-sale and shop management services that is designed specifically to help AGRR shops both financially and operationally. MyGlassClaim is available for immediate use by any IGA member using Total Shop Management.

Mobile VIN Brings History
instaVIN®, an auto history report provider, has announced the release of a free mobile application which provides fast access to mobile history reports. Application users can quickly run a vehicle identification number (VIN) check to obtain instaVIN's vehicle history and title reports by scanning the VIN barcode, which is located on existing photos, or by entering the VIN manually. The free vehicle history report app is available in the iTunes store for iPhone 3GS or greater, iPod and iPad.

instaVIN reports provide DMV title history, salvage, insurance total loss and other information to help identify title problems prior to purchase, and, according to the company, may help uncover potential buyer or seller fraud. instaVIN reports are said to also be fully compliant with California's new law AB1215, which mandates that dealers provide a National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)-based history report to buyers.

Data from NMVTIS is included on instaVIN reports, which provide real-time title and salvage information, with more than 100 data points are checked on every single report. Each comes with additional sourced information that the company says is difficult to acquire from most history report providers, such as: active theft data, listing information, open lien with financial institution disclosure, impound and towing events and minor accident data where available.

Existing account credits can be used to run reports and new history report credits can be purchased through the instaVIN website. Credits can also be purchased directly from within the app. Users can also view past reports and account history.

Rear Window

Fiat’s new 500L multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) features rear fixed side windows molded from SABIC’s clear Lexan GLX resin and black Cycoloy resin, which according to SABIC, help reduce weight by about 35 percent, improve aerodynamic efficiency and achieve the desired styling vs. glass. The Fiat 500L has already launched in Europe and is set to roll out in the United States in early 2013.

Glass Capsule
Maranda Corp., a composite light truck body manufacturer in Ladson, S.C., has introduced a new concept for trucks for the AGRR industry. The Maranda X-230 Auto Glass Capsule is a fiberglass unibody which installs into the bed of a pickup truck. Conceptualized and designed by industry veteran Chris Mattingly, the capsule allows companies to combine the benefits of pickups and vans without the limitations of traditional glass vehicles. The capsule comes backed by a 10-year warranty with a service life of more than 20 years and can be used over several truck lifecycles. Transferring the capsule can be done with RV jack stands or a forklift from one truck to another in less than 30 minutes. The product can be completely customized to the needs of the glass technicians.

With the needs of AGRR technicians in mind, ergonomics and accessibility have been addressed. All items can be accessed between waist and chest height by a standing adult. “With the X-230 Auto Glass Capsule, we have virtually eliminated bending, reaching, lifting and crawling,” said Mattingly. “Auto glass techs have a dangerous enough job as it is.”

Get SMART (2.0)

Surface Dynamix celebrated two years in business by introducing its new line of repair solutions for automotive transparent surfaces. The Superior Methods and Repair Technology—or SMART 2.0—System includes packages for windshield repair, headlight restoration and glass surface restoration. Every SMART System stands on its own, with an integrated tripod keeping the equipment off the car and close to the tech.

The company also offers a new training option with all Smart 2.0 Systems, which includes tests for user gauging repair performance. Upon completion, inspection, and certification of the repair samples, Surface Dynamix says it will warranty the technicians work for the life of the vehicle.

Special warranty labels are supplied to the technician to apply to the customer’s vehicle and an 800 number gives the customer access to the SMART warranty network for any issue that may arise.

Surface Dynamix says the SMART 2.0 system gives the technician the same backing as any national firm. The company also announced that it has begun production of a SMART new line in Europe, which is being produced and distributed from The Netherlands to all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Time to Adjust-a-Lite
AEGIS® Tools International Inc. in Madison, Wis., now offers the Adjust-A-Lite Windshield Setting Tool Kit, a multi-functional tool to help with setting, adjusting and holding windshields in place, even when setting stops are not present.

The Adjust-A-Lite has a rubber foot that sits on the vehicle’s hood or a wiper bracket that supports the windshield. Turning the support rod allows an installer to precisely adjust the windshield up or down to the desired position without disturbing curing urethane. The support rod also telescopes to make the tool the right size for any size windshield, according to the company. The Adjust-A-Lite helps support and place the windshield during the final set if set-up during the dry set. It can be used by one or two technicians and can also be used with the AEGIS SOLO II®.

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