Volume 15, Issue 3 - May/June 2013

Welcome to AGRR’s Guide to New Products and Services
by Adam Zax

Need a new app? In the market to purchase new moulding or a new tool for your shop? Check out AGRR™ magazine’s Fourth Annual Guide to New Products and Services for many of the latest industry offerings.

Digital Business Controls Shares New Technology
Digital Business Controls latest technology includes several new offerings such as smartphone applications, Web quoting, text integration with point-of-sale, call center applications and software.

A few of the new highlights of these features are a direct tie-in with ChameleonWare Software via smartphone, real-time quoting, scheduled texted reports of sales and key statistics. Furthermore, the company now also offers a way to track installer’s daily progress, automatically schedule jobs through Google or Yahoo Maps, in addition to a cloud feature and standalone VIN lookup, as well as more.

Dow Automotive
Launches Mobile App

Dow Automotive Systems Aftermarket has released www.DowARG.com, a mobile app, to provide technicians with access to technical data in the field.

General installation information covers the windshield replacement process step-by-step.

Product-specific information provides details on Dow Automotive Systems Aftermarket products, including minimum drive-away times.

Dow also introduced Betaprime 5504G all-in-one Primer. This primer can be used on both replacement windshields and the vehicle body.

Betaprime 5504G can be used on all common aftermarket substrates including glass, bare metal, nicks and scratches in the paint, and encapsulations (RIM, PVC and PAAS). It can be used all year round—it has a fast flash-off time in temperatures as low as zero degrees and an open life of 14 days.

The company has also upgraded its popular Betapro program. Betapro is a free business development program for qualified Dow customers.

It includes a variety of business development tools, including professionally designed print, video and point-of-purchase marketing materials that can be customized for individual use. Internet marketing training is also offered to help owners leverage the power of the Web. Finally, CSR training programs are offered to help build continuous improvement with sales teams.

New Mouldings Launched
Creative Extruded Products has released three new mouldings. The FTBU0840-75 is 8 millimeters (mm) U-lip moulding with BriteFlex chrome surface. The FTU0725-75 is 7mm U-lip universal moulding, which company officials note is their most flexible U-lip available. And finally the FTUS05-75 is a 5mm universal underside tape moulding with patented tear away alignment guide.

Gold Glass Group Introduces
Universal Cowl Mouldings

Gold Glass Group has rolled out Universal Cowl Mouldings, which is designed to solve the ongoing challenge of ensuring a solid adhesive bond of the rubber strip to the cowl after windshield replacement. GGG’s universal cowl moulding was created to fit easily over the leading edge of some cowls, and is held in place by a butyl strip inside the channel. This moulding is available in 100-foot rolls.

The company has also introduced the 1529 Cowlend kit, which includes both left and right replacement ends for the cowl which often has dry rot, is brittle and turns from black to white due to UV exposure.

Vanbrella Introduced by
United Kingdom-based Autoglass
United Kingdom-based Autoglass has launched an extendable canopy that can be fixed to mobile technician’s vans called Vanbrella. It is designed to facilitate repair and replacement services in wet weather conditions.

Glass Technology
Introduces Glass Removal Tool

Glass Technology Inc. will soon begin selling a new tool called Kong.

The new technology incorporated into this tool can help to reduce cut out times as well as physical stress on the technician and the windshield, according to company officials.

Glass Bot Launches Lion Genesis
The Lion Genesis from Glass Bot runs on a lithium ion battery and has a variable-speed pistol grip remote control. It also features a built-in LED light, as well as battery charge indicator lights.

The company has also announced the Glass Bot Lite. This tool is designed specifically for quarter, back or overhead glass removal or assisting the Glass Bot with help. The small footprint (4.5 inches) can help this tool get onto parts many other winding tools cannot access. The Glass Bot Lite features a cordless drill motor.

Tool Belt Mobile Windshield Repair System Hits the Market
Delta Kits has unveiled its EZ-200S Mini-Mobile System. The wearable system includes the company’s top-selling windshield repair tools needed to complete a quality repair utilizing the company’s On-The-Go Pro Pack.

The EZ-200S comes standard with the Delta Kits new lightweight B150 Bridge, which is available in seven colors with a custom logo engraving option. The product features the aluminum screw type injector, anodized aluminum base with large viewing window and stainless steel flip lever vacuum cup components. The base rotates 360 degrees and slides forward and aft for nearly infinite adjustment options. The Pro Packs assorted pouches were designed to hold Delta Kits bridges, scribe tool, inspection mirror, compact UV light, resin, polish, curing tabs, cordless drill, carbide burs, spray bottle, end seals, razor blades and business cards.

Personna to Launch New Blade
This summer Personna is in the process of introducing a new round-corner safety blade, designed to increase safety in windshield trimming and processing.

The blades come in a variety of materials, thicknesses and configurations to suit various processing needs.

DFI Expands into Southeast Asia Market
Diamon-Fusion International has signed a new agreement with Pacific Ring Inc. to widen its auto line distribution into Southeast Asia. Diamon-Fusion can help decrease windshield glare and prevent pollution build up, as well as help protect glass from chips and cracks. PRI expects to expand its market share through the new deal.

UltraWiz Introduces New Lever Knife Kits
UltraWiz recently revealed its Lever Knife Kit 3007-K and Lever Knife Kit 3008-K.

The 3007-K is ideal for “blade chasing,” according to company officials.

The 3008-K offers the same quick release but is slimmed down to feel similar to a standard cold knife. Both kits include 1002-M long blade.

Equalizer Presents Black-Ops Kit
Equalizer now offers carbon fiber designed Black-Ops 120-volt auto glass removal tool, which comes with a Piranha serrated-edge blade. The kit includes a 1-PHB169 Piranha blade, a 1-SFE329 blade sharpener, one pair of safety glasses, an instructional DVD and a carrying case. Equalizer has also introduced Snake Eyes. The pre-inspection tool can help locate clips, stops and thick pucks of urethane before a technician begins glass removal.

Invisible Heat Announced
Induction Innovations has released Invisible Heat via its Inductor Glass Blaster. Invisible Heat travels harmlessly through the glass and plastic to warm the pinchweld below, melting the urethane bond. It allows the window to lift from the pinchweld easily without removal of interior trim and without the use of blades, according to officials. This leaves the pinchweld clean to simplify reinstall.

Presto PipeKnife Enters Market
The PipeKnife Co. announces the addition of the Presto PipeKnife. It is a urethane cutout knife with a quick-release blade feature enabling the AGR technician to quickly and safely remove the blade without tools.

The blade is released by simply lifting the spring steel cover and releasing the blade lock. The blade can then be removed. The replacement blade is locked back into place by releasing the cover. Micro channels are undercut machined into the knife to stop sideways movement. A safety stop is incorporated into the cover to stop the blade from sliding back into the knife.

Computer Programs
Mainstreet Computers Reveals Glas-Avenue 9.0
One of the highlights of Glas-Avenue 9.0. is a time clock module to verify employees daily ‘time in’ and ‘time out.’ Additionally, the new program also offers a commission system to reward productivity through incentives. Multiple vendor inquiry checks are also available to look up best price and parts availability. And soon to be launched is a mobile Android app, which can streamline workflow between office and field technicians.

Spray-X Glass Cleaner Rolled Out
The newly launched Spray-X glass cleaner is designed for glass, windows, mirrors, windshields, enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces. It sprays in any position and features a heavy-duty foam that can cling to vertical surfaces.

Window Film
3M Launches Scotchshield Automotive Security Films
To offer a bit more protection, 3M is rolling out new Scotchshield Automotive Security Films. Officials say these films are designed to keep glass in place upon breakage and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can help slow thieves down. Along with the security benefits, the film also provides UV protection and increased privacy shading. The films come with a limited lifetime warranty should they need replacing due to bubbling, peeling or blistering.

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