Volume 15, Issue 6- November/December 2013

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LaFerrari, Ferrari’s limited series offering, is the first car to feature the new SGS lightweight windshield developed by Saint-Gobain Sekurit, according to officials.

“One of Ferrari’s objectives with the new model was weight reduction and Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s latest technology enabled the supercar manufacturer to save 1.3 kg on the windshield alone,” officials wrote in a statement.

The windshield is 4 millimeters (mm) thick and the glazing weight is reduced by about 12 percent compared to other technology, officials claim.

“Traditional windshields are mostly 4.5 mm or 5 mm thick,” officials wrote. “Safety glass for a 5mm windshield is generally made up of a sandwich with a 2.1 mm outer pane, a 0.76 mm PVB interlayer and a 2.1 mm inner pane.

“The thickness of each layer of the glass sandwich with the 0.76 mm PVB interlayer has been reduced to 1.8 mm for the outer pane and 1.4 mm for the inner pane. The use of this asymmetric design provides an even better safeguard against stone impact damage compared to standard 5 mm windshields,” officials pointed out.

Roberto Fedeli, Ferrari’s chief engineer, says, “Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s lightweight 4 mm windshield contributes to the body’s overall weight reduction for maximum performance and lower emissions.”

“Saint-Gobain Sekurit’s 4 mm windshield is a very important breakthrough for manufacturers seeking weight reduction to improve the total energy potential of a car,” Patrick Dupin, CEO of Saint-Gobain Sekurit, adds.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Features SPD-SmartGlass Technology
Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled its new S-Class Coupe concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which features a large panoramic sunroof with Research Frontiers’ SPD-SmartGlass (suspended particle devices) technology.

The sunroof will be “the largest SPD-SmartGlass roof put into serial production to date, measuring approximately 14 square feet,” according to the company.

“With the touch of a button, drivers and passengers can instantly change the tint of their roof to help keep out harsh sunlight and heat and create an open-air feeling even when the sunroof is closed,” officials explained.

Mercedes-Benz officials have dubbed the sunroof the “magic sky control.”


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